Cobalt HSS-E Cold Saw Blades

Cobalt HSS-E Cold Saw Blades

A cold saw blade is a metal cutting tool of which there are a variety of options, including the Cobalt HSS-E Cold Saw Blades. The names of these blades are the M35 and a standard M2. 

High-grade steel is the choice when using an M35 blade, including:

  • Stainless Steel;
  • Cast Iron; and
  • Any strong steel.

The type of steel used with a standard M2 blade is:

  • Copper;
  • Brass; and
  • Other regular steel.

What does HSS-E stand for?

Cobalt HSS-E Cold Saw Blades are resistant to breakage, are resilient, and are formed from High-Speed Steel. The cobalt is a higher quality material with unique properties. The content of cobalt in the steel is either 5% or 8%, and as a result, it has been designated the abbreviation of HSS-E.

With a higher hardness capacity, HSS-E is known to have increased heat hardness and resistance to greater tempering.

Industries that commonly use this product include manufacturers of steel, workshops, steel productions companies, machinery and pipe cutting manufacturers.

These blades are long-lasting, between 300-400 cuts and can sharpening can occur between 30-40 times.

Why Buy from Saw Blade?

Saw sends over 3500+ blades out a day from our factory, and when you place your order the blades are manufactured to your specifications within 24 hours. 

We stand by our products, if you aren’t happy with your purchase or something isn’t right, contact our customer service team to organise a replacement or refund.

Do you want to know some in-depth information about some of our other Cold Saw Blade products? Take a look at our Blog or watch this informative video.

Browse our website and discover how we make it easy for you to buy your custom made Cobalt HSS-E Cold Saw Blade today. If you are unsure of your exact requirements contact our customer service team via chat or ph: 03 9005 7931.

Tube Cutting Circular Blade

Tube Cutting Circular Blade

When you need a tube cutting circular blade for cutting steel, stainless steel, copper brass tubing, look no further than Saw Blade

When you buy a blade, we cut it for you on the day you order to your preferred number of teeth. You can also select the tooth geometry of your choice made from high-speed steel with high tungsten and molybdenum content.

When cutting tubing, we recommend an HSS Coldsaw Blade, which is the most efficient choice. 

The industry that most commonly uses tube cutting circular blades are:

  • Construction;
  • Steel workshops; and 
  • Places that build machinery and structures

How do I know which tube cutting circular blade to choose?

When seeking out the right circular blade, you need to consider:

  • Where the blade is coming from;
  • The delivery schedule;
  • The return policy;
  • The quality of the blade; and
  • What it’s mainly made from, e.g. Colbolt? Tungsten?

Blade Specs.

A tube cutting circular blade is designed to cut between 800-1000 times. We supply circular blades that cut the thickness between 20mm to 150mm and between 1mm to 3mm.

Our blades are extremely hard wearing with high wear resistance.

What’s the Saw difference?

Apart from excellent customer service, we do all that it takes to get you exactly what you’re looking for. Before we make anything to spec, we always make sure we get exactly the right information from you about your tube cutting blade needs and measurements, including the TPI.

The process is merely heading to our website Saw Blade, search for the blade you need, add your specs and we make it that day and send to your location.

>> Use this link to purchase the Circular Blade Direct from our Factory

Choose the Right Bandsaw Blade

Choose the Right Bandsaw Blade: for pipes, beams, Angles, and Structural Steel

The right bandsaw blade is essential when you cut pipes, beams, angles and structural steel. A blade will easily and quickly be damaged when cutting the wrong type of item.  

When you are required to cut pipes, beams, angles, and structural steel, using an incorrect bandsaw blade can cause vibration, unbalance the load and cause the number of tooth cuts to be impacted.

Am I Buying the Right Bandsaw Blade?

So how do I know I am buying the right bandsaw blade for pipes, beams, angles and structural steel? For maximum productivity we recommend:

  • A Bi-Alpha RP – For thick-walled pipes, stainless steel, and tool steels;
  • Bi-Alpha Cobalt M42 – Great for thin-walled tubes.
  • Bi-Alpha Cobalt M51 – Perfect for difficult to cut materials

We recommend you ask our experienced team if you are unsure of what item you need exactly that you contact us via email, real-time chat or phone.

Why Buy from Saw Blade?

When buying the right blade, you can be guaranteed to get the best service possible at Saw Blade. We offer a service with a difference because while our materials come from countries such as Italy, we custom make your order with the correct TPI and sent to you within 24 hours.

We invite you to explore our site to enjoy the unique Saw Blade experience.

Cold Saw Blade Coolant

Cold Saw Blade Coolant

Did you know that a cold saw blade coolant is primarily used to increase tool life and provide an excellent surface finish? Let’s take a step back though and take a look at what cold saw blade is. 

A cold saw blade is a circular blade to cut metal. The name originated from how the heat is transferred back into the blade, and not the object being cut. When cut, the metal is cold, unlike other saws which heat the blade. 

What is a Coolant for Cold Saw Blades?

A soluble coolant is a huge part of the cutting process and should always be used. Contrary to belief, it isn’t what actually keeps the blade cool.  However, as mentioned above, it does increase the life of the blade because it helps keep the teeth sharp. It is also essential for protecting the machine and blade from corrosion. 

Benefits of Coolant

There are many benefits of using a coolant for your cold saw blade, including:

  • Improves the integrity of the cutting service;
  • Prolongs the life of the blade;
  • Lubricates between the cutting blade and the metal piece;
  • Prevents corrosion;
  • Removes chips from the surface of the cutting area; and
  • Eliminates thermal stress.


At Saw Blade we often get asked questions about our products and services, so we have answered some of these for you.

1. Is it essential that I use a coolant for my cold saw machine and blades?

Although some people think they can get away with not using it, a coolant must be used for your machine, significantly when cutting thicker materials as the blade will not last.

2. Do sell coolant?

Yes, indeed, we do. Follow this link for our range. Each has thorough information, however, if you are still unsure, reach out to our team for further assistance. 

3. How long will it take these items to reach me?

At Saw Blade, we offer a quick 24-hour turnaround. Your delivery should arrive within one day if you live in Victoria, between 2 to 3 days for most other states other than WA and NT, which can take up to 5 days.

Looking After Your Cold Saw Blades With Coolant

It’s important to remember that when it comes to looking after your cold saw blades, coolant is essential. It’s been developed for use on a variety of machines and is carefully formulated to increase the life of the coolant sump. 

Australian Made Cold Saw Blades 

Australian Made Cold Saw Blades 

Our Australian made cold saw blades are a circular blade used with a cold saw machine. It is named so because of its ability to stay cold during cutting. 

High-Speed Steel for Australian Made Cold Saw Blades

The steel for our cold saw blades are from Italy. It is one of the best places to source the material because it is high-speed and is the best product to use for cutting alloys and common steel. 

Australian Made to Your Order

At Saw Blade, we start with a blank slate so that when we get your order, we custom make the teeth in our Australian factory in Victoria. We start with a blank blade because it is essential to us that we can guarantee quality for each of our customers.

Facts About Cold Saw Blades

There are many advantages of using our Australian made blades, including:

  • Long-lasting;
  • Extremely high wear resistance;
  • Easily resharpened;
  • Fine-toothed blade for thinner material; and
  • Coarser tooth blade for solid material.

Buy Australian Made

Did you know that we sell 30% more cold saw blades than band saw blades? What does this mean? It means we sell 4500 – 6500 blades a day because our customers love the quality and the fact that they can buy custom made.

Buy online at Saw Blade and enjoy the quality of our Australian made products.