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Sawmill Bandsaw Blades

  • thumb Carbon Ripper Blades
    • Can Be Resharpened
    • For Bandsaw Widths of 20mm to 54mm
    • For Primary Timber Processing
    • Good Surface Finish
    • High Quality Carbon-Rich Italian Steel
    • High Quality Ripping and Resaw Blade
    • Induction Hardened
  • thumb Bi-Metal Ripper Blades
    • Recommended for High Production
    • Rough Surface Finish
    • Suitable for Sleepers
    • Suitable for Super Hardwood
    • Suitable for Wood Containing Gravel and Nails
    • Well Rounded General Purpose Ripping and Resawing Blade
    • Can Be Resharpened
  • thumb TCT Wood Bandsaw Blade
    • Designed for fine woodworking on Clean Superwoods and Exotics
    • Excelent Surface Finish
    • For Bandsaw Widths of 13mm to 54mm
    • Not Suitable for Wood Containing Gravel and Nails
    • Tungsten Carbine Tipped
    • Can Be Resharpened
Bandsaw Type Hardwood Softwood Ripping Fine Sawn
Carbon Ripper Blade
Bi-Metal Ripper Blade
TCT Wood Bandsaw Blade

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  • Technical Specifications on Each Blade
  • Material and Profile Guide Map per each Blade