Semi Automatic Coldsaw Machine

What are Coldsaw Machines?

As anyone with experience in machine cutting can tell you, one of the biggest troubles is that blades can overheat quickly. This can cause a greater chance in wear in the blades and machine. It’s especially problematic in the metalworking industry where high temperatures are a common occurrence in the work environment. As such, workers often use various types of coldsaws to cut metal alloys and steel. The semi automatic coldsaw machine is one such type.

So how do these machines work? Coldsaw machines automate several processes such as cooling, pressure and speed. This is unlike manual cutting equipment, which needs careful attention when operating. This automation helps to keep both the actual blade and material cool, meaning you’ll be able to work longer. Here at, we provide top-quality blades for these machines across Australia.

The Semi Automatic Coldsaw

The semi automatic coldsaw machine is a solution for people needing to cut a significant amount of material. This is due to many aspects of the cutting process being automated. Some aspects such as the feed rate and blade speed are set manually when placing the material in the vice.

A button or foot pedal signals the blade and coolant to begin operating automatically. Once the machine finishes the cut, the blade is reset back into the default position with the vice opening up for the next procedure. All of this serves to increase cutting efficiency. Furthermore, the automation process also helps sustain blade life and produce more accurate cuts. This is because the machines remove the worry of possibly placing too much pressure on the blades and causing quicker wearing.

By now, you’ve seen the sorts of benefits that coldsaw machines can provide for metal cutting. They’re especially ideal if you’re planning on cutting multiple pieces of metal. So, if you’re looking for a coldsaw to fit your machine, why not visit Our Store or contact us using the Live Chat.