Choose the Right Bandsaw Blade

Choose the Right Bandsaw Blade: for pipes, beams, Angles, and Structural Steel

The right bandsaw blade is essential when you cut pipes, beams, angles and structural steel. A blade will easily and quickly be damaged when cutting the wrong type of item.  

When you are required to cut pipes, beams, angles, and structural steel, using an incorrect bandsaw blade can cause vibration, unbalance the load and cause the number of tooth cuts to be impacted.

Am I Buying the Right Bandsaw Blade?

So how do I know I am buying the right bandsaw blade for pipes, beams, angles and structural steel? For maximum productivity we recommend:

  • A Bi-Alpha RP – For thick-walled pipes, stainless steel, and tool steels;
  • Bi-Alpha Cobalt M42 – Great for thin-walled tubes.
  • Bi-Alpha Cobalt M51 – Perfect for difficult to cut materials

We recommend you ask our experienced team if you are unsure of what item you need exactly that you contact us via email, real-time chat or phone.

Why Buy from Saw Blade?

When buying the right blade, you can be guaranteed to get the best service possible at Saw Blade. We offer a service with a difference because while our materials come from countries such as Italy, we custom make your order with the correct TPI and sent to you within 24 hours.

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