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Neat Oils

  • thumb Metal Cutting Fluid
    • Fluid for neat oil applications. Suitable for cutting stainless steel, low and high steel alloys, cast iron, aluminium alloy materials and yellow metals like copper and brass.
  • thumb Metal Cutting Foam
    • Cutting, drilling and tapping oil that performs on high pressure applications. Ideal for vertical drilling - remains on the cutting tool Suitable on ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals. Great on stainless steel
  • thumb Metal Cutting Paste
    • High-performance chlorine and sulfur free paste for medium and severe cutting operations. Provides exceptional film strength, adhesion and extreme pressure properties. ideal for deep boring and drilling applications.
  • thumb Metal Cutting Spray
    • High-performance neat oil for medium and severe cutting operations ( milling, grinding, drilling, tapping, broaching, and general cutting on lathes)
    • Suitable on: Cast iron, Stainless steel , Low & high steel alloys , Aluminium alloys materials Yellow metals like copper and brass
  • thumb Metal Cutting Spray Misting Oil
    • Fully biodegradable spray misting oil. Formulated for aluminium cutting applications. It prevents swarf from sticking to the cutting edge you, being exceptionally thin and leaving minimal residue
  • thumb Metal Threading and Cutting Oil
  • thumb Neat Cutting Oil
    • Neat cutting synthetic oil used in the area of minimum quantity lubrication ( MQL ). It can be used primarily in machining steel, aluminium and aluminium alloys and non-ferrous metals in general.
  • thumb Neat Grinding Oil
    • Highly refined in hydro-cracked mineral oil design for soft to medium duty cutting and grinding operations for use on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It can be used for grinding, lapping and honing steel and yellow metals without staining.
  • thumb Neat Machining Oil
    • Highly refined mineral based cutting oil designed for medium to heavy-duty cutting operations for ferrous and non ferrous metals. It can be used specifically for cutting, grinding, tapping, honing steel and aluminium without staining.
Neat Oil Type
Metal Cutting Spray Misting Oil Neat Cutting Oil Neat Machining Oil Neat Grinding Oil Metal Threading and Cutting Oil Metal Cutting Fluid Metal Cutting Spray Metal Cutting Foam
MQL (Misting)
Yellow Metals

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