Tube Cutting Circular Blade

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Tube Cutting Circular Blade

When you need a tube cutting circular blade for cutting steel, stainless steel, copper brass tubing, look no further than Saw Blade

When you buy a blade, we cut it for you on the day you order to your preferred number of teeth. You can also select the tooth geometry of your choice made from high-speed steel with high tungsten and molybdenum content.

When cutting tubing, we recommend an HSS Coldsaw Blade, which is the most efficient choice. 

The industry that most commonly uses tube cutting circular blades are:

  • Construction;
  • Steel workshops; and 
  • Places that build machinery and structures

How do I know which tube cutting circular blade to choose?

When seeking out the right circular blade, you need to consider:

  • Where the blade is coming from;
  • The delivery schedule;
  • The return policy;
  • The quality of the blade; and
  • What it’s mainly made from, e.g. Colbolt? Tungsten?

Blade Specs.

A tube cutting circular blade is designed to cut between 800-1000 times. We supply circular blades that cut the thickness between 20mm to 150mm and between 1mm to 3mm.

Our blades are extremely hard wearing with high wear resistance.

What’s the Saw difference?

Apart from excellent customer service, we do all that it takes to get you exactly what you’re looking for. Before we make anything to spec, we always make sure we get exactly the right information from you about your tube cutting blade needs and measurements, including the TPI.

The process is merely heading to our website Saw Blade, search for the blade you need, add your specs and we make it that day and send to your location.

>> Use this link to purchase the Circular Blade Direct from our Factory


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