Australian Made Cold Saw Blades 

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Australian Made Cold Saw Blades 

Our Australian made cold saw blades are a circular blade used with a cold saw machine. It is named so because of its ability to stay cold during cutting. 

High-Speed Steel for Australian Made Cold Saw Blades

The steel for our cold saw blades are from Italy. It is one of the best places to source the material because it is high-speed and is the best product to use for cutting alloys and common steel. 

Australian Made to Your Order

At Saw Blade, we start with a blank slate so that when we get your order, we custom make the teeth in our Australian factory in Victoria. We start with a blank blade because it is essential to us that we can guarantee quality for each of our customers.

Facts About Cold Saw Blades

There are many advantages of using our Australian made blades, including:

  • Long-lasting;
  • Extremely high wear resistance;
  • Easily resharpened;
  • Fine-toothed blade for thinner material; and
  • Coarser tooth blade for solid material.

Buy Australian Made

Did you know that we sell 30% more cold saw blades than band saw blades? What does this mean? It means we sell 4500 – 6500 blades a day because our customers love the quality and the fact that they can buy custom made.

Buy online at Saw Blade and enjoy the quality of our Australian made products.


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