The Best Cold Saw Blades For Cutting Stainless Steel

Best Cold Saw Blades For Cutting Stainless Steel

Do you work in an industry that regularly works with metal? You will, at some point, come across a situation where you’ll need to use stainless steel. When that day comes, you’ll need to know the best cold saw blades for cutting stainless steel.

Stainless steel is a group of iron alloys that have 11% chromium. This prevents rusting when it’s exposed to the elements and time. This means it’s low maintenance. For that reason, stainless steel is commonly used for industrial purposes and equipment. 

Here at we offer the HSS Cold Saw Blade (High Speed Steel), and the HSS-E.

The HSS-E blade is the preferred choice for stainless steel or harder steels. As a HSS-E blade is made with a group of steel containing a cobalt content of 5-8%. This results in a higher blade hardness, tempering resistance and increased heat hardness.

Some cons of a HSS – E blade includes higher breakage sensitivity. However, if your stainless steel project is a once off, it’s safe to opt for the standard HSS Cold Saw Blade.

Although you could use a bandsaw to cut stainless steel, the downside to them is they quickly generate heat. This puts a strain on both the bandsaw blade, work and the machine. Therefore, over time you’ll need to replace the blade often.

Cold saw blades on the other hand are more durable, they can be resharpened and have a longer life span. You can resharpen them up to 15 times before you need to replace the blade. They’re appropriately named cold saw blades because they transfer all of the energy and heat created during the cutting process to the chip. This enables the blade and the work to remain cold. 

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