Cobalt HSS-E Cold Saw Blades

General Purpose Coldsaw Blades

Cobalt HSS-E Cold Saw Blades

A cold saw blade is a metal cutting tool of which there are a variety of options, including the Cobalt HSS-E Cold Saw Blades. The names of these blades are the M35 and a standard M2. 

High-grade steel is the choice when using an M35 blade, including:

  • Stainless Steel;
  • Cast Iron; and
  • Any strong steel.

The type of steel used with a standard M2 blade is:

  • Copper;
  • Brass; and
  • Other regular steel.

What does HSS-E stand for?

Cobalt HSS-E Cold Saw Blades are resistant to breakage, are resilient, and are formed from High-Speed Steel. The cobalt is a higher quality material with unique properties. The content of cobalt in the steel is either 5% or 8%, and as a result, it has been designated the abbreviation of HSS-E.

With a higher hardness capacity, HSS-E is known to have increased heat hardness and resistance to greater tempering.

Industries that commonly use this product include manufacturers of steel, workshops, steel productions companies, machinery and pipe cutting manufacturers.

These blades are long-lasting, between 300-400 cuts and can sharpening can occur between 30-40 times.

Why Buy from Saw Blade?

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