The Best Bandsaw Blades To Cut Electric Cable

Electric cable

What are the best bandsaw blades to cut electric cable? There are three types offered here at SawBlade, all with varying abilities and requirements. Because electric cables are a common material there are plenty of options to suit your needs. The type you purchase is all dependent on your electric cables thickness and wiring.

Carbon Bandsaw Blade
We sell both the Carbon Flexback and the Carbon Thin Gauge. These are the ideal bandsaw blades to cut electric cable of a thin thickness. Made from premium quality carbon they are strong and durable. As a rule, if the cable is less than 3-4mm in thickness, opt for a carbon blade. This way you can be sure that the blade can cut through your cable with ease.

Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blade
With an endless list of bi-metal blades available this type if by far the most accessible. This is a great choice if your electric cable is more than 4mm thick. Bi-metal blades are often made from steel and have a long blade life.

High Speed Steel Coldsaw Blade
And lastly, not a bandsaw blade, but it’s perfect for those of you that don’t own a bandsaw. As with all of our blades you can customise them to fit your specifications, and this blade is no different. Customising the TPI for this coldsaw blade is the key to getting the exact match for your electric cable.