Best Sawmill Bandsaw Blades Available

Using the best sawmill bandsaw blades is key to improving the woodcut quality and increasing the production of your wood works. From sawing logs to splitting hardwoods, manufactures an extensive range of sawmill bandsaw blades for many types of sawing applications like portable sawmills, lumbar mills, and wood shops.


sawmill bandsaw blades

What Are The Best Sawmill Bandsaw Blades Available?

When choosing the best sawmill bandsaw blade, Ripper blades are our first choice for a recommendation. Ripper blades come in two tiers – carbon ripper blades and bi-metal ripper blades.

  • Carbon Ripper Blades: These blades are the standard version and are suitable for cutting wood logs.
  • Bi-metal Ripper Blades: If you want to cut through hard wood or thicker wood, Bi-metal Ripper Blades are our recommended choice. They lasts longer and give cleaner and higher quality cuts.

What Does The Sawmill Bandsaw Blades Cut?

These bandsaw blades are suitable for portable sawmills and sawmilling machines and are best used to cut and saw logs and split wood. The TPI on the blades ranges between 1 and 3.

Where is the Steel Sourced From?

We resource our steel for our bandsaw blades from Germany.

Customised Bandsaw Blades

Cannot find the blade that fits your machine? We can easily custom make bandsaw blades to fit your specifications. You need to send the length and width of your machine to us. However, the maximum width is 1.5 inch.

How Long Do These Blades Last?

The lifespan of the blades depends on the usage. For example, if used daily, the Carbon blades can last from a couple of weeks to a month. On the other hand, the Bi-Metal blades can last from a month to two. Moreover, you can easily resharpen your blades.

For your customised Sawmill Bandsaw blade, request a quote or use our Build Your Blade Website Form or call us on (03) 9005 7931.


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