General Purpose Cold Saw Blades

Cold saw blades make a great option for a general purpose circular saw blade. Not only because of their high wear resistance, heat resistance and durability. But, also because they are strong, can be resharpened and are incredibly versatile. 

Some materials that can be used cut with a cold saw blade include: mild steel, structural steel, brass, stainless steel, aluminium, alloys and copper. Just to name a few. 

At we offer Cold Saw Blades made from the highest quality steel imported from Italy. They are then cut to your specifications here in Australia. 

Cold saw blades cut metals with a slow rotational speed. During this process they transfer all of the energy and heat to the chip. This causes the work and blade to remain cold. 

When purchasing your cold saw blade, it’s important to take into account your required tooth pitch. Some things to consider include, the thickness of the material, the thickness of the blade, the project itself and the desired outcome and your machine. 

TIP: Less teeth = faster cutting speed

       More teeth = smoother finish, slower cutting speed. 

But, as with everything, it’s dependent on your project and machine. Just like people, every project is different.  Use this link to order your Coldsaw Blades Today!

3 Reasons Why You Need Cold Saw Blades For Mild Steel

When you’re in an industry that works with metal you will likely use mild steel. And, you’ll need to know what’s the best tool to cut it. Here are the top 3 reasons why you need cold saw blades for mild steel. 

What Is Mild Steel?
Mild steel is a type of steel that is low in carbon. There can be different grades of mild steel, but they all contain a carbon content under 0.25%. Mild steel can be vary versatile and flexible. Which means it can be used in many different ways. 

Some examples of how mild steel can be used include:

  • Construction (mild steel is affordable material that is resistant to bugs, rot and fire)
  • Machinery (it’s often used during the construction of cars)
  • Pipes
  • Poles
  • Fencing (due to it’s flexibility, it is a great option for fencing)

Reason 1: Cold Saw Blades Are Durable
Cold saw blades are durable. This is significant when it comes to such a common material as mild steel. You can cut mild steel, over and over and over again. They can be resharpened to around 15 times before you’ll notice breakage.

Reason 2: Heat Resistance
Cold saw blades cut through metal using a slow rotational speed that is powered by a high powered motor. When they are in use, cold saw blades transfer all of their energy and heat made during the cutting process to the chip. This keeps your blade and work cool, putting less strain on the machine. 

Reason 3: Versatility
The third and final reason is versatility. A tool that can be used for more than one type of project is important. They can be used for copper, brass, tubes, pipes, solid metals, structural steel. And, of course, mild steel.

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Purchase Bandsaw Blades Australia

Whether you’re from Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Alice Springs, around the corner, or right next door. This is your chance to order customised bandsaw blades in Australia, from the comfort of your own home!

Our main focus is on all things blades. Bandsaw blades, cold saw blades, circular blades, hacksaw blades, handsaw blades and bandsaw ripper blades. But, we also offer machinery and accessories, such as coolant. We have a wide range, and our catalogue grows everyday. There’s something for everyone. 

Convenience is the #1 reason why you should purchase online. But, not only does ordering custom blades online save time and energy, it’s accessible, and more cost effective. It means you can just jump on, or pick up the phone and place an order with one of our dedicated customer service representatives. 

With the handy assistance of Toll, the company normally manufactures the blade to your specifications within 24 hours.

Ordering a customised blade takes the risk out of accidentally ordering the wrong type. We take into account your machines specifications, the material you’re cutting, the length, width, depth, etc. to get the perfect fit. We give you exactly what your machine needs. 

This means you get the perfect blade every time. We allow you to purchase your bandsaw blades direct from the manufacturer with quality steel imported from Europe.

Purchase Metal Bandsaw Blades

If you’re looking to purchase metal bandsaw blades, you’ve come to the right place. Metal bandsaw blades can come in all shapes and sizes. And, it can often be difficult to choose the correct blade for your needs.

Some different types metal bandsaw blades include:

There are various types of metals inside the blade itself. Such as, tungsten steel, carbide deposits, M42 steel and spring steel. 

So, how do I know which metal bandsaw blades to purchase? This will depend on the size and type of material. Certain types of metals cut certain types of materials, depending on the hardness level. This means, when choosing your blade it’s important to take into account what you’ll be cutting and what your machine can withstand.

For example, Bi-Metal M42 can only cut up 44HRC. Anything higher requires a different blade level, such as the Bi-Metal M51. Also known as the Bi-Metal Extreme. This blade can cut up to 55HRC. 

TIP: The width of the blade needs to be adjusted depending on the thickness of the material.

Here’s some helpful resources on TPI and how to decide which bandsaw blades are for you.

The Best Cold Saw Blades For Cutting Stainless Steel

Do you work in an industry that regularly works with metal? You will, at some point, come across a situation where you’ll need to use stainless steel. When that day comes, you’ll need to know the best cold saw blades for cutting stainless steel.

Stainless steel is a group of iron alloys that have 11% chromium. This prevents rusting when it’s exposed to the elements and time. This means it’s low maintenance. For that reason, stainless steel is commonly used for industrial purposes and equipment. 

Here at we offer the HSS Cold Saw Blade (High Speed Steel), and the HSS-E.

The HSS-E blade is the preferred choice for stainless steel or harder steels. As a HSS-E blade is made with a group of steel containing a cobalt content of 5-8%. This results in a higher blade hardness, tempering resistance and increased heat hardness.

Some cons of a HSS – E blade includes higher breakage sensitivity. However, if your stainless steel project is a once off, it’s safe to opt for the standard HSS Cold Saw Blade.

Although you could use a bandsaw to cut stainless steel, the downside to them is they quickly generate heat. This puts a strain on both the bandsaw blade, work and the machine. Therefore, over time you’ll need to replace the blade often.

Cold saw blades on the other hand are more durable, they can be resharpened and have a longer life span. You can resharpen them up to 15 times before you need to replace the blade. They’re appropriately named cold saw blades because they transfer all of the energy and heat created during the cutting process to the chip. This enables the blade and the work to remain cold. 

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