Let’s talk about Bandsaw Blade to Cut Magnesium

Let’s talk about Bandsaw Blade to Cut Magnesium

There are many different blades to consider when working with bandsaws, and today we are talking about bandsaw blade to cut magnesium. To begin with, let’s chat a bit about what magnesium is.

What is Magnesium for Bandsaws?

Magnesium, also referred to as manganese steel is an alloy steel that contains around 13% of manganese. It is often referred to as high impact strength which is resistant to abrasion.

What Industry is Magnesium Typically Used?

Magnesium is most often used in the mining industry with cement mixes, rock crushers, railways switches and crossings.  The reason for magnesium in mining is because it is high strength steel that works in very cold temperatures.

Fact: Magnesium is 75% lighter than steel and is the most lightweight structural metal.

Type of Bandsaw Blade for Magnesium?

Generally, the best type of bandsaw blade to use is the very popular and widely used Bi-Metal M42. However, given that it’s soft steel, the carbon flexback bandsaw blade has a reliable cutting performance. 

Depending on the thickness of the steel and because it’s soft, you will need a TPI of 14 to 24. You will need to work slow, and more teeth are ideal for an accurate cut.

What’s Next…Let’s Figure This Out!

When it comes time to buy your bandsaw blade, several steps will assist you in getting the correct type.

Step 1: Educate yourself – be sure to know about your machine. Understand the length and width of your blade requirements and see whether it is a bandsaw blade for cutting wood or metal.

Step 2:  Measure – know the thickness of the materials you need to cut.

Step 3: Contact us – using the information above you can now go to sawblade.com.au and find out which blade is most appropriate for your use.

It’s important to us that you know that we are always here to help and guide you along the way. Reach out and contact us via live chat, email or directly via telephone and our customer service staff will happily assist you.