Bandsaw Blades That Cut Brass

Why are ​Bandsaw Blades that Cut Brass a Popular Choice?

Brass is an alloy that is made up of copper and small amounts of zinc. Brass is strong, resistant to corrosion and offers excellent conductivity. Because of its conductive properties, brass metal sheets are extensively used in electrical applications. This makes bandsaw blades that cut brass a popular choice in the electrical and utility industries. ships around 1000 to 3000 blades every day.

Copper vs. Brass in the Electrical Applications

Copper, being a base metal, is soft and malleable. Moreover, it corrodes quickly when exposed to external elements. To avoid corrosion and to make it viable for any application, copper needs to be sealed within a different material.

On the other hand, brass is an alloy that can withstand corrosion. Brass is used in a variety of applications from manufacturing zippers to ammunition to locks.

What Type of Blades do you Recommend to Cut Brass?

We recommend our Bi-metal M42 blades to cut through brass. You need to choose the right TPI depending on the shape and thickness of your workpiece. There are two options – the variable pitch TPI and constant pitch TPI.

If you need to cut through a pipe, a hollow tube or c-type steel, choose a variable pitch TPI to avoid vibration while cutting through. At, we recommend a bandsaw blade with a variable pitch TPI of 10/14 to cut brass with three teeth per inch.

How do you Customise your Own Bandsaw Blades that Cut Brass?

It is easy to customise your own bandsaw blades that cut brass by determining the dimensions of the workpiece you’re cutting. That is to say, if you know the dimensions and TPI, go to the product page, find your specs and add to the cart.

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