Diamond Coated Bandsaw Blade

If you require a blade for cutting materials that are extremely hard and abrasive, then look no further than the diamond coated bandsaw blades from Sawblade.com.au. With a guaranteed exceptional cutting ability, diamond coated bandsaw blades are the first choice for a large variety of cutting and machining jobs.

What material are diamond coated bandsaw blades made of?

Diamond coated bandsaw blades are manufactured by electroplating diamond onto high alloy steel bandsaw blades. This gives the bandsaw blades exceptional strength and enhances the fatigue resistance.

What are diamond coated bandsaw blades used for?

As diamond is one of the hardest substances on Earth, when used as a coat on bandsaw blades, they can be used to cut all materials including the hardest and toughest ones. Diamond coated bandsaw blades are specifically used for cutting glass, graphite, silicon, hard coal and ceramics. These blades are also ideal for cutting materials which are too hard or abrasive for conventional bandsaw blades such as, concrete materials, CFRP, sintered materials, perforated bricks as well as to cut mineral building materials such as calcareous or natural stone. This makes diamond coated bandsaw blades a perfect choice for demanding industry applications ranging from aerospace, healthcare, energy, IT and electronics field, recycling as well as construction and steel making.

What are the advantages of using diamond coated bandsaw blades?

With the highest level of precision, even at high cutting speeds, diamond coated bandsaw blades fare better than any other bandsaw blades used to cut hard materials.  They also offer smoother cuts reducing the strain the materials have to withstand while cutting. Diamond coated bandsaw blades are durable and last for a longer period without losing the performance making them a cost-effective solution.

Diamond coated bandsaw blades are the best bet when machining graphite; when any other blade is used a lot of heat is generated and cooling with coolants is not possible as it can oxidise and damage the blade. On the other hand, diamond blades are not spoiled with coolants or water, even when used for extended periods of downtime. When compared to other bandsaw blades, there are lesser chances of the material getting chipped giving way to smooth cutting surfaces.

How to choose the specific diamond bandsaw blade for different material dimensions?

Depending on the pad geometry and grain size of the bandsaw blade, you can use it for a range of applications. A continuous diamond coating is appropriate for small material dimensions and segmented diamond dimensions can be used for medium-sized materials. If you are slicing a larger workpiece, blades with interrupted dimensions can be used. As the surface of the cutting area of the blade is wide enough, there is less wastage of material.

Given these high qualities and expensive diamond blades used here, it is advisable to employ only highly skilled and expert workers.

All our diamond coated band saw blades are custom-made to fit your exact needs, cutting material or application. Once you let us know your requirements, we will recommend the right diamond coated band saw blade for your specific material or application. If you need more information on our diamond coated bandsaw blades, go on to sawblade.com.au and request for a quote. Furthermore, you can visit our Build Your Blade Form page and enter the specifications of your blade. For more details, email us or call us on (03) 9005 7931 to speak to our representative.

HSS Cobalt Friction Coldsaw Blades

Sawblade.com.au manufactures an extensive range of coldsaw blades for many types of applications ranging from tube welding, hollow and structural section rolling mills, parting gratings, and fender walls. Using the best Coldsaw Blades is key to improving the cut quality and increasing your production.

HSS Cobalt Friction ColdSaw Blades

HSS Cobalt Friction Coldsaw Blades

With extremely high performances, HSS Cobalt Friction Coldsaw Blades are perfect for machining mild and structural steels, aluminium, alloys, copper and brass. The blades are made of higher quality material and are additionally alloyed with cobalt. The toughness of the blades makes it an ideal choice for many applications and guarantees a very long service life.

Though coldsaws blades cut material at higher rotational speeds, the heat generated during the sawing process is transferred to the chips, allowing both the blade and the cuts to remain cool; hence the name coldsaw blades.

Circular blades to cut hollow sections

Circular blades are perfect to cut hollow sections on steel tubes and pipes, small angles, rods, conduits, extrusions and channels. The coldsaw blades from sawblade.com.au are precision machined and fit with teeth to provide efficient cutting that delivers high-quality cuts with smooth edges. Using a circular coldsaw blade has the advantage of producing fewer sparks and dust.

Circular blades to cut structural steel

Cobalt friction coldsaw blades are great metal cutting tools to cut structural steel sections and steel tubes. The cobalt coating on the HSS blades helps to prevent both tooth damage and wear of the blades. HSS Cobalt Friction Coldsaw Blades are primarily used to cut structural steel because they cut faster and with better finishes. Cutting structural steel is a high-volume high-production application and that is why you would require a circular blade to cut structural steel.

What are the uses of cobalt in High Speed Steel?

We generate a large amount of heat, when we cut stainless steels and materials with high mechanical resistance. Cobalt is valued for its wear resistance and ability to retain its strength at high temperatures. So, when we add Cobalt to High Speed Steel, it changes its properties by increasing the binding strength in the steel. Moreover, Cobalt contributes to the blades excellent cutting adhesion, outstanding flexibility, resistance to corrosion, high strength, hardness and longer life.

Metal Cutting HSS Cobalt Friction Coldsaw Blades

We use high-quality steel to make our metal cutting friction coldsaw blades to improve durability and hardness. We sharpen our blades to achieve high tolerances and a super fine finish and to achieve maximum cutting life between sharpening. Besides, our blades do not lose their sharp edge easily and are resistant to wear, tear and cracking.

HSS Cobalt Friction Coldsaw Blades have a combination of unique properties like high strength, wear resistance, toughness and hardness. If you need more information on our Coldsaw Blades, visit sawblade.com.au and request a quote. Additionally, we have a Build Your Blade Website Form for your perusal. You can also send an email or call us on (03) 9005 7931 to speak to one of our representatives directly.

Cermet Tipped Circular Blades

Cermet is well established in metalworking since the 1930s. Cermet-tipped saws are very popular. They enjoy a long life and a high level of squareness. They offer a fine surface finish with high process reliability, abrasion resistance, oxidation resistance, chemical stability, and high hardness at higher temperatures.

Cermet Tipped Circular Blades

What material are Cermet Tipped Circular Blades made of?

We obtain Cermet by synthesizing ceramic dust, silicon carbides, and metal oxides such as chrome, cobalt, nickel, titanium, aluminium, and tungsten that are resistant to the highest temperatures. It has a hardness that lies between silicon carbide and diamond. Cermet tipped circular blades offer excellent wear and heat resistance for prolonged cutting life, especially for heavy-duty cutting applications.

This feature makes it highly resistant to high cutting temperatures as it can withstand extremely high machining rates.

What are the advantages of Cermet Tipped Circular Blades?

Cermet tipped blades generate an excellent surface finish on the cut material. It also makes sure the tools have extra-long life.

What materials does Cermet have?

Cermet contains materials such as Titanium carbide, titanium nitride and tungsten carbide. It also has ceramics such as Alumina, Silicon carbide, and Zirconia. Most of these are uncommon and highly pure chemicals.

Why use Cermet Tipped Circular Blades?

Cermet tipped blades offer excellent wear and heat resistance for prolonged cutting life, especially for heavy-duty cutting applications. These blades come with a super-thin kerf for fast, efficient cutting and laser-cut stabiliser slots to reduce jarring noise and vibration for maximum stability and precision cuts. The material and designing of cermet tipped blades offer the best combination of speed and durability for making a clean, stress-free cut in even the hardest alloys.

They are ideal for both ferrous or non-ferrous cutting and can cut low to medium carbon steels as well.

They come with a thin kerf to reduce waste and provide a better finish, longer life, and quicker cutting times. Cermet saws cut steel bars usually three to five times faster than a bandsaw machine.

Cermet tipped blades have high abrasive resistance compared to standard carbide tipped saws.

Features of Cermet Tipped Circular Blades

Some features of these blades as under:

  • Cermet tips ensure high impact and wear resistance
  • Laser-cut body and stabilizer slots enable smooth operation
  • Triple chip grind for rapid cutting
  • Certain blades feature a two-step blade body and a coating for added lubricity for reduced friction
  • Better blade geometry features such as wide and shallow tooth pockets make sure blade stability and durability

Cermet Tipped Circular Blades

We make our Cermet tipped blades with high-quality steel. The blades offer a super fine finish due to their high tolerance levels. This gives you maximum cutting quality and precision. The blades are highly resistant to wear, tear, and cracking. They also offer high resistance, better strength, toughness, and durability.

If you are looking for more information on our Cermet tipped blades, visit the Cermet Tipped Blades shop page. Similarly, you can send an email or call us on (03) 9005 7931 to speak to one of our representatives directly.

200mm Cold Saw Blades

Cold saw blades are circular saw blades used to cut steel and alloys. Choosing the right cold saw blade is very important and depends upon the saw machine you use. The thickness of cold saw blades is linked to the diameter of the machines mounting wheel. Sawblade.com.au custom makes blades with diameters ranging from 200mm cold saw blades up to 500 mm.

Where is the Steel for our Cold Saw Blades Sourced from?

We resource our steel for our cold saw blades from Italy.

How to Choose the Right TPI for your 200mm Cold Saw Blades?

Purchasing a cold saw blade with the correct TPI is vital to ensure an easier and precise cut. On the other hand, an incorrect TPI could result in the cold saw blade breaking and inconsistent and unsuccessful cuts.

The TPI depends on the size and thickness of the material. You can take a look at our TPI guide for more clarity.

What is the Tool Life of a Cold Saw Blade?

Due to its ability to stay cold during the cutting process, cold saw blades are long-lasting and can sustain prolonged use.

How to Order your own 200mm Cold Saw Blades?

On the product page, fill in the details such as the diameter of the blade, the thickness, the bore, and the number of teeth. If you are unable to decide on the number of teeth you would need on your blade, we can provide a recommendation.

What is the Process Once you Make an Order?

Once you place your order, we will manufacture your 200mm cold saw blade within 24 hours. We will dispatch your order the next day and your product will arrive at your doorstep in the next 2 to 4 business days.

If you still have any questions regarding cold saw blades, drop us a message using the Live Chat or call us on (03) 9005 7931.

Choosing the Best Bandsaw Blades for Woodworking

Whether you’re looking to buy your first portable sawmill for your wood shop or to upgrade to a more sophisticated machine for your lumbar mill, choosing the right bandsaw blades for woodworking is definitely a priority. Sawblade.com.au manufactures a wide range of bandsaw blades for all your lumbar projects and sawing applications.

bandsaw blades for woodworking

What Are The Best Bandsaw Blades For Woodworking?

Sawblade.com.au recommends ripper blades as the first choice for bandsaw blades for woodworking. Ripper blades are available in two tiers – carbon ripper blades and bi-metal ripper blades.

  • Carbon Ripper Blades: Carbon ripper blades are the standard version and are designed specifically for cutting timber and resaw applications.
  • Bi-metal Ripper Blades: These blades are the best woodworking blades that we recommend. Bi-metal ripper blades cut through hardwood or thicker wood and promise cleaner cuts, longer life, and improved performance.

Our bandsaw blades are best suitable for portable sawmills, lumbar mills and sawmilling machines. Our bandsaw blades are best used for cutting and sawing logs and splitting wood. The TPI of our blades is between 1 and 3.

Where Does the Steel Come From?

We source our steel from Germany.

What if I Cannot Find the Right Bandsaw Blades For Woodworking?

If you do not find the blade that fits your machine, we can custom make it as per your specifications. Logon to our website and send the length and width of your machine to us. However, you need to keep in mind that the maximum width is 1.5 inch.

What is the Blades Tool Life?

The tool life depends on usage. The Carbon blades can last from 2-3 weeks to a month if used daily. However, the Bi-Metal blades can last from a month to two before they need to be resharpened.

For your customised bandsaw blades for woodworking, request a quote or use our Build Your Blade Website Form or call us on (03) 9005 7931.


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