Bandsaw Blades to Cut Galvanised Pipes

Galvanised pipes are protective pipes with a zinc coating to protect corrosion or rust. They are used as the substitutes for lead pipes for water supply. This makes bandsaw blades to cut galvanised pipes a popular choice.

bandsaw blades to cut galvanised pipes

The recommended bandsaw blades to cut galvanised pipes recommends using a Bi-metal M51 blade. A higher tier version than M42 blade, it can cut about 60 HRC of steel as galvanised steel is not as thick as other types of steel.

What is the ideal TPI?

A variable TPI is ideal to reduce vibration, especially in cutting and tubing, so it doesn’t reduce the teeth while cutting through anything. Hence, a 6 to 10 TPI is the ideal way to go

What is a variable bandsaw blade?

There are two types of variable bandsaw blades. The first would be smaller and coarser teeth cutting which can range from three to eight inches. The next would be a high TPI ranging between ten and 18. So, one inch could be 6 and the next would be 10. This allows reducing vibration while cutting through.

What is the TPI to cut a galvanised pipe?

Ideally, the bandsaw should have at least 3 TPI. If not, it will break down or the teeth will become dull making it ineffective.

How to choose the correct type of bandsaw blades to cut galvanised pipes?

Understand your machines specs including the maximum width of the blade, the thickness and type of piping. You can then visit our website and choose the right blade. However, if you are unable to choose for yourself, you can request a quote or call us on (03) 9005 7931 and our representative will help you choose.

We offer a wide range of bandsaw blades to cut galvanised pipes that will fit your machine. Above all, we ship around 3000 pieces every day and we know our blades very well.