Differences between semi-automatic and automatic bandsaw machines

Automatic Bandsaw Machine

Differences between semi-automatic and automatic bandsaw machines

Semi-automatic bandsaw machines are good for cutting single cuts and automatic bandsaw machines are good for batch cutting. A semi-auto machine completes most of the tasks such as starting the saw blade, making the downstroke, and returning the blade to the raised position. But then the operator has to initiate it again for the next job.

  • Automatic machines are incredibly powerful and can carry out batch cutting of a large variety of materials. It can run overnight to increase productivity.
  • The semi-automatic bandsaw has a smaller feeder, and it performs one cut at a time. Unlike an automatic machine, it does not cut continuously.
  • Semi-automatic bandsaws cannot usually cut through large batches or big materials. 60 mm 275 mm is the ideal size suitable for cutting with semi-automatic bandsaws. It can be bigger in certain cases, but in that case, it makes more sense to go for a fully automatic bandsaw.
  • Also, in the case of a semi-automatic bandsaw, the cut has to be initiated every time, whereas in the case of an automatic bandsaw it is an ongoing process as long as the material is fed to it.
  • A semi-automatic machine can be customised into an automatic machine if somebody is feeding the material to it. However, this will result in higher costs as you would require someone to manually feed it.
  • Automatic machines are more accurate, comes with plc control, and have a hydraulic operation.


What are the best options?

The best options are Bi-alfa automatic bandsaw or a PSN 500 semi-automatic bandsaw.

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