What Is An Alfa Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blade?

Bi-Alfa Cobalt Master Supreme 2

If you’ve been wondering what an Alfa Bi-Metal bandsaw blade is, this is for you. You may have heard the terms ‘Cobalt M42’, or ‘Bi-Alfa bandsaw blade’, or even the most popular ‘Bi-Metal M42’. These are in fact, all the same blade.

It’s a good idea to take note of this list of terms because terminology changes from brand to brand. But, what is M42? And why is it part of the blade name? M42 is actually the material these blades are made from.

The material M42 is generally known as HSS M42. HSS stands for ‘high speed steel’. M42 is made from spring steel (it can also often be made with cobalt steel), an alloy backing and chromium. The blade is made by layering these materials, this helps the blade to withstand cutting strong materials. 

At SawBlade.com.au we stock the Excision Alfa Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blade. This blade can cut through thick materials such as stainless steel, tempered steel, etc. The structure of the teeth combined with the high cobalt content create high heat resistance and toughness which reduces wear and tear. The chromium backing means the blade can withstand a high amount of flexing stress, tension and blade guide pressure. 

And, if you’re looking for something stronger, we offer the Bi-Alfa Cobalt M51. This is an extreme level up from the Alfa Bi-Metal. With a high shock resistance and higher cutting rate, this is a great choice for difficult materials.


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