5 Ways to Care for your Cold Saw Machine and Blade

General Purpose Coldsaw Blades

Prolonging Your Cold Saw Machine & Blade Life

Your cold saw machine and blade are some of the most versatile tools of the trade. It’s cutting efficiency and heat management capabilities make it quite useful. That’s why we at SawBlade are here to give you some tips about prolonging your cold saw machine and cold saw blade life.

A cold saw blade, if maintained properly can last about six months on average. This gives it the ability to provide 800-1000 cuts before wearing out and needing to be sharpened. The sharpening limit for the blade is about 30-40 times depending on its use. Here are some tips to reach this maximum efficiency:

1. Install the blade correctly

When you’re installing your blade into the cold saw machine, take extra precautions to set it correctly into place. Clean the blade wheel and other components of the machine to remove any debris that might be in the way. Make sure to set your bolts in the right rotation so as to remove backlash that can cause the blade to snap  and also damage the machine.

2. Test the blade 

Before properly using the blade on your desired material, make sure to test the blade on something else. In essence, break it in. You can do this by choosing a material and pouring coolant on it and the blade. Then take some slow cuts at first before gradually working your way up to your regular cutting pace. This helps to prevent cracks and keeps the blade sharper for longer. When using the blade, you should also put the minimum amount of pressure required to cut.

3. Keep the blade clean and lubricated

As with all cutting equipment, chips are bound to accumulate and stick to your blade, making it harder to cut the longer you use it. This can cause friction in the blade, resulting in quicker wearing. That’s why it’s important to wipe down your blade after use and lubricate it. This can also help to prevent rusting.

4. Keep your machine clean and lubricated

Similar to the blade itself, you should also regularly take steps to clean and lubricate the components of your machine. This includes the vice, table and saw collars. As you cut, chips may regularly fall into small gaps within your machine and rust into these components. This can result in malfunctions and errors eventually leading to breakdowns. So, like the blade, check for any chips in your machine after cutting. Keeping the table and vice is also helpful as the blade is less likely to encounter any unwanted obstacles when cutting.

5. Maintain machine components

A cold saw machine is like any other device. It is a technology made up of multiple components. And with multiple components comes the increased chance of things breaking down. That’s why it’s important to regularly check if any of these machine parts need replacing. For instance, the blade guides should be replaced ASAP whenever signs of wearing are present as these are essential to keeping stable and efficient cuts. Also, regularly replace the oil and coolants in the machine so as to ensure that overheating is a non-issue.

Now then, we hope you have a better idea on how to properly maintain your cold saw machine and blade, giving them both an extended lifespan, meaning you also save more time and money. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to drop a message in our Live Chat or call us at: 03 9005 7931