4 Different Bi-metal Bandsaw Blades in Australia

3 Things About Bi-metal Bandsaw Blades Australia

3 Things About Bi-metal Bandsaw Blades Australia

3 Important Things About Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blades in Australia

There are relevant things you need to know about bi-metal Bandsaw Blades in Australia. These will help you understand more about choosing the perfect blades for your machine.

4 Types of Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blades 

There are normally four types of bi-metal bandsaw blades you can choose from;

  1. The  Bi-alfa cobalt extreme M51 bandsaw blade type consists of an alloyed steel backing with high chromium content together with an HSSCo-M51 (contains 12% cobalt) cutting edge. Indeed, this is the best use for cutting solid, thick-walled tubes and all high-grade alloy materials.
  2. The Bi-alfa cobalt M42 blade type has HSS-M42 cutting tips. Therefore, this type of bi-metal bandsaw blade can resist heat and withstand flexing tension and pressure from the blade guide.
  3. The  Bi-alfa cobalt master Supreme is the type of blade best for precise perpendicular cuts. Bi-alfa cobalt master supreme has an excellent surface finish on most materials to cut. Further, It ensures high efficiency through its HSSCo-M51 tooth tips that allow cutting materials with a hardness of up to 50HRc (1600 N/mm2). The cutting tips are high heat and mechanical wear resistance that ensures longer blade life.
  4. The Bi-cobalt RP type of blade is an extension of bi-alfa M42 with a tooth shape. It can cut at a 16-degree angle with enough tooth strength. Hence, Bi-cobalt  RP blade teeth are ideal for cutting hard materials.
Structure of Bi-metal Bandsaw Blades

The bi-metal bandsaw blades consist of high-speed steel teeth with flexible alloy steel. These blades have the capability to cut different types of materials as well as metals. Furthermore, bi-metal blades are durable, long-lasting, and cost-efficient.

Power of Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blades

Small and large manufacturers, repair shops, and fabricators around Australia use bi-metal blades. Indeed, the primary purpose of a bi-metal bandsaw blade is to cut a variety of materials. Most common are steels like stainless, carbon, structural, die, tool, pipes and tubes, angles, and mixed metal applications.

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