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Trademaster Bandsaw Blades5 Trademaster Tips in Buying Bandsaw Blades

Here are five simple tips relating to Trademaster bandsaw blades before you buy a blade. 
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  1. Determine the material. You have to be specific about the type of material you are going to work on. Some examples are wood, plastic, and steel.
  2. Take note of machine specifications. You have to know the specs of your machine. For instance, you are going to cut thick material, therefore buy the widest blade that your machine can take to ensure the bandsaw machine will perform a straight cut. Likewise, if you are going to cut materials with curves and corners, buy the blade with the smallest width that fits your machine.
  3. Measure the usage of the blade. Once you determine the type of material, you need to ask yourself how often you are going to use the blade. You can buy a cheaper blade if you will only use it once. But, if you are going to use the blade on a day-to-day basis, you need to go for the durable, heavy-duty, and high-end quality blade.
  4. Select the correct blade teeth. The most common mistake in buying blades is the wrong selection of teeth. The proper selection of teeth is important to prevent bandsaw breakage and poor performance. Try to search for charts that show what specific teeth size is needed for specific material. 
  5. Double-check your selected bandsaw blade. If you are not sure about the selection you made, you can easily ask a customer sales representative. They can guide and educate you in choosing the perfect blade for you. This way, you are confident that your money will never go to waste.

Get help from a trademaster bandsaw blades,  Request a quote, or use our special Build Your Blade Website Form. 

You can also reach the company directly on 03 9005 7931.

Custom Bandsaw Blades

Custom Bandsaw Blade
Custom Bandsaw Blade

4 Steps Making Custom Bandsaw Blades

There are four steps for creating custom made bandsaw blades.

  1. The first step is to process the material in a custom cut-off machine. This step ensures the exceptional accuracy of the tooth spacing, set and length.
  2.  The second step is welding and annealing of the blades using the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) welding machine. The process of annealing makes the bandsaw more flexible and reduces brittleness.
  3. The next step is grinding the blades by using a grinding machine. This step is important because this will remove the metal slacks from the top and bottom of the blades.  
  4.  Lastly, we add a plastic strip to the teeth for protection. This step ensures the safe and secure transportation of the blades.
  5. Finally, the blades are placed within our branded box ready for shipping to your location.


CNC Welding Machine
CNC Welding Machine
Bandsaw Blade Grinding
Bandsaw Blade Grinding
Bandsaw Sawblade Box
Bandsaw Sawblade Box

Custom-Engineered Blades 

The raw steel comes from Germany and the UK, and then is custom made to your machines specifications. With over 3000 blades going out from our Melbourne factory daily we most certainly live and breath bandsaw blades.

Get Custom Bandsaw Blades

It is not difficult as you think, Request a quote, or use our special Build Your Blade Website Form. You can also contact the company directly on 03 9005 7931.
If you want some tips on how to use a new blade, click this link How to Break in a New Bandsaw Blade.

Metal Cutting Bandsaw Blades

Metal Cutting Bandsaw Blades

Metal Cutting Bandsaw Blades

3 Things to Consider When Buying Metal Cutting Bandsaw Blades

There are three things you need to consider when purchasing metal cutting bandsaw blades.

  1. The Material you are cutting; Metal cutting blades can cut different kinds of materials. It is important to determine the size and thickness of the material and that is paired correctly with the appropriate blade.
  2. Type of Machine. The type of machine is a relevant thing to consider when purchasing metal blades as that may limit that size blade you can use.
  3. Bandsaw Blades Quality. Indeed, you can avoid further problems with high-quality blades. If your bandsaw machine is set up correctly and you are using the correct amount of lubrication. Ask customer support what the benchmark (quality of life) should be for a given blade.   
Get Started with Metal Bandsaw Blades 

To help you get started here is a chart that details the thickness of the material in relation to what you are cutting.

The (Teeth Per inch) is the number you must request when we manufacture the blade for you.

Request a quote, or use our special Build Your Blade Website Form to Get Started.

You can also reach the company directly on 03 9005 7931.

If you want some troubleshooting tips, click this link How to Reduce Bandsaw Vibration.


Beka-Mak Bandsaw Blades

Beka-Mak Bandsaw Blades

Beka-Mak Bandsaw Blades

Best Bandsaw Blades for 3 Beka-Mak Machines allows you to purchase the best bandsaw blades for the machine brand Beka-Mak. Indeed, our bi-metal blades contain 8% cobalt with tooth shape effective for a wide range of cutting applications. We ensure you that these blades have the capacity to cut metals with hardness up to 44HRc. Indeed, these blades can cut mild steels, structural steels, aluminum, alloys, copper, and brass. The raw materials are from Germany while the band is custom engineered in Australia.


3 Beka-Mak Machines
Beka-Mak Bandsaw Blade Machines

Beka-Mak is a family company established in the year 1984 from Turkey. Today, Beka-Mak is a famous brand for distributing saw machines to nearly 80 countries around the world. They continue to develop their products to maintain the reliability and respectability they gained with years of experience

Easiest Way to buy Bandsaw Blades is giving you a convenient way to order bandsaw blades for your Bak-Mak machines. Our focus is to deliver you the blades you need the fastest way regardless of how small or large your business is. We ensure that the blades are safe and secure while it is on the way to your doorsteps.

This is a chance for you to buy bandsaw blades directly from the manufacturer. Request a quote, or use our special Build Your Blade Website Form. You can also reach the company directly on 03 9005 7931.

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4 Different Bi-metal Bandsaw Blades in Australia

3 Things About Bi-metal Bandsaw Blades Australia

3 Things About Bi-metal Bandsaw Blades Australia

3 Important Things About Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blades in Australia

There are relevant things you need to know about bi-metal Bandsaw Blades in Australia. These will help you understand more about choosing the perfect blades for your machine.

4 Types of Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blades 

There are normally four types of bi-metal bandsaw blades you can choose from;

  1. The  Bi-alfa cobalt extreme M51 bandsaw blade type consists of an alloyed steel backing with high chromium content together with an HSSCo-M51 (contains 12% cobalt) cutting edge. Indeed, this is the best use for cutting solid, thick-walled tubes and all high-grade alloy materials.
  2. The Bi-alfa cobalt M42 blade type has HSS-M42 cutting tips. Therefore, this type of bi-metal bandsaw blade can resist heat and withstand flexing tension and pressure from the blade guide.
  3. The  Bi-alfa cobalt master Supreme is the type of blade best for precise perpendicular cuts. Bi-alfa cobalt master supreme has an excellent surface finish on most materials to cut. Further, It ensures high efficiency through its HSSCo-M51 tooth tips that allow cutting materials with a hardness of up to 50HRc (1600 N/mm2). The cutting tips are high heat and mechanical wear resistance that ensures longer blade life.
  4. The Bi-cobalt RP type of blade is an extension of bi-alfa M42 with a tooth shape. It can cut at a 16-degree angle with enough tooth strength. Hence, Bi-cobalt  RP blade teeth are ideal for cutting hard materials.
Structure of Bi-metal Bandsaw Blades

The bi-metal bandsaw blades consist of high-speed steel teeth with flexible alloy steel. These blades have the capability to cut different types of materials as well as metals. Furthermore, bi-metal blades are durable, long-lasting, and cost-efficient.

Power of Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blades

Small and large manufacturers, repair shops, and fabricators around Australia use bi-metal blades. Indeed, the primary purpose of a bi-metal bandsaw blade is to cut a variety of materials. Most common are steels like stainless, carbon, structural, die, tool, pipes and tubes, angles, and mixed metal applications.

Are you ready to purchase bi-metal bandsaw blades? Request a quote, or use our special Build Your Blade Website Form. You can also reach the company directly on 03 9005 7931.

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