Bandsaw Blades to Cut Copper

Bandsaw Blades to Cut Copper

Copper is one of the oldest and most versatile metals in the world. Products ranging from kitchenware to electronic devices use copper. As such, it is a valuable resource that continues to see consistent use.

The manufacturing industry uses copper clad steel due to its combination of high mechanical resistance and conductivity. These products are mainly seen in wiring applications.

They’re particularly prevalent in telecommunications where it is used in telephone poles and, internet cabling. Engineers and other parts of the utilities sector also commonly use copper products. However, in order for copper to be usable, it must first be cut using bandsaw blades.

But how do manufacturers know the right bandsaw blade to cut the copper? Here at SawBlade, we’re here to help with that decision.

How to Pick the Right Blade

Manufacturers often use different bandsaw blades to cut the copper, depending on its shape. Because copper is a soft metal, the ideal blade should be bimetallic, containing 8% cobalt. You should also consider the tooth pitch(TPI) of the blade as being straight or variable.

The ideal value range is 14-18 TPI. Of course, all this depends on what form the material is in. For example, if it’s hollow, a variable pitch can avoid vibrations during cutting.

As a basic rule, manufacturers should understand the type of copper they are dealing with as well as their machines’ cutting capabilities.

If you’re unsure about any of this information, you can also contact our company’s customer service team via the online chat or using this number: 03 9005 7931.

So then, if you need to cut copper, visit SawBlade where we’ll be able to hook you with a range of specifications. Not only this, but for customers living in Victoria, we guarantee manufacturing and transit within 24 hours.


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