4 Ways to Get The Most Out of Your Cold Saw Blades

Using Your Cold Saw Blade

Cold saw blades are one of the most useful pieces of equipment when it comes to cutting metal, especially for industrial purposes. That’s why it’s particularly important to maintain and use them to the best of your ability. After all, cutting equipment isn’t exactly something that can be regularly replaced at a cheap price. We at SawBlade.com.au are here to suggest some things to consider when you’re using a cold saw blade.

Maximising Your Cold Saw Blade Use

If you want to get the most out of your blade, there are several things to pay attention to before and after using the equipment.

1. CoolantWhen you buy the blade, make sure to also buy the correct coolant. That is, buy something that is water soluble. This is due to the fact that the coolant actually acts as a lubricant for the blade, keeping the teeth from wearing too quickly. Hence, you should also keep the solution clean so as to avoid contaminants that can hamper the blade’s cutting ability.

2. Breaking in the blade: This process should be done whether the blade is new or simply resharpened. Slowly cut through a piece of test material, usually four times, before moving onto the main cutting operation. This serves to prevent premature dulling and increases time between sharpening.

3. Properly clamp down your material: When you place the material in the vice, make sure that it’s tightly secure on the table before beginning to cut. If not, the shaking can not only cause an undesirable cut but also damage the blade if the material is abrasive enough.

4. Use the least amount of pressure: Cold saw blades require minimal cutting effort to pass through materials so large amounts of pressure can have a negative effect on the quality of the cut. That is, high amounts of pressure can cause quicker wearing or even the blade breaking.

Now then, by now you should have gained a better idea on how to use the cold saw blade to its maximum efficiency So make sure to visit Our Store to not only get your blades, but also the supplies to maintain them.

Semi Automatic Coldsaw Machine

What are Coldsaw Machines?

As anyone with experience in machine cutting can tell you, one of the biggest troubles is that blades can overheat quickly. This can cause a greater chance in wear in the blades and machine. It’s especially problematic in the metalworking industry where high temperatures are a common occurrence in the work environment. As such, workers often use various types of coldsaws to cut metal alloys and steel. The semi automatic coldsaw machine is one such type.

So how do these machines work? Coldsaw machines automate several processes such as cooling, pressure and speed. This is unlike manual cutting equipment, which needs careful attention when operating. This automation helps to keep both the actual blade and material cool, meaning you’ll be able to work longer. Here at sawblade.com.au, we provide top-quality blades for these machines across Australia.

The Semi Automatic Coldsaw

The semi automatic coldsaw machine is a solution for people needing to cut a significant amount of material. This is due to many aspects of the cutting process being automated. Some aspects such as the feed rate and blade speed are set manually when placing the material in the vice.

A button or foot pedal signals the blade and coolant to begin operating automatically. Once the machine finishes the cut, the blade is reset back into the default position with the vice opening up for the next procedure. All of this serves to increase cutting efficiency. Furthermore, the automation process also helps sustain blade life and produce more accurate cuts. This is because the machines remove the worry of possibly placing too much pressure on the blades and causing quicker wearing.

By now, you’ve seen the sorts of benefits that coldsaw machines can provide for metal cutting. They’re especially ideal if you’re planning on cutting multiple pieces of metal. So, if you’re looking for a coldsaw to fit your machine, why not visit Our Store or contact us using the Live Chat.

Tungsten Cold Saw Blades

Using Tungsten in Blades

The metal that a blade is manufactured with can heavily affect its attributes and cutting capabilities. As a result, making blades usually involves alloys that combine to provide multiple benefits for the finished product. In particular, tungsten is commonly used in cold saw blades due to its strong resistance to high temperatures and natural hardness.

Tungsten Cold Saw Blades

Tungsten is, in fact, a vital component of both types of cold saws. However, the application and amounts of the metal in the manufacturing process is different depending on the type of blade. This is thanks to the physical properties of tungsten which make it a versatile alloy to combine with other metals.

High-speed steel blades(HSS): HSS blades have used tungsten as an alloy since the very inception of the tool steel. By combining carbon steel with this metal and other alloys such as chromium, the forged product becomes incredibly heat resistant. As such, this heat resistance also helps to improve cutting efficiency as the blade can operate for longer periods of time before needing to cool down. This becomes especially apparent when compared to the commonly used high-carbon steel.

Tungsten-carbide Tips(TCT): As the name suggests, TCT blades use a metal-carbon compound as coating on their teeth. When applied, tungsten-carbide provides the blade teeth with extremely high abrasion resistance as well as heat resistance. This helps to sustain the blade’s sharpness for longer than HSS blades meaning more consistent clean cuts on the materials.

In essence, the importance of tungsten in blade manufacturing can not be overstated. Their natural hardness and heat resistance make them perfect for use in cold saw blades.

That’s why SawBlade makes sure to stock blades that contain high tungsten content in Our Store which you can visit right now!

Molybdenum Content of Cold Saw Blades

Molybdenum in Blades

Using molybdenum in blade manufacturing can provide great benefits for the finished product. This is especially true for those working in the metal cutting industry. By combining the right amounts and combination of alloys, the properties of tool steel can dramatically be improved. In particular, the molybdenum content of cold saw blades is especially important to improving the strength of the cutting equipment.

Using Molybdenum in Cold Saw Blades

The molybdenum content of cold saw blades is particularly important to its overall resistances. Moreover, the metal is also seen as an alternative to tungsten due its price as well as lower density. In particular, high molybdenum content is common for high speed steel blades alongside tungsten and chromium. The two types of high speed steel(HSS) blade use molybdenum as one of its main alloys.

M2 blade: This is the industrial standard for most high speed steels. It has high wear resistance along with high toughness and hardness, making it beneficial for cutting a variety of differently shaped materials. Furthermore, the added strength gained from the molybdenum alloy also improves the steel’s stability, decreasing the chance of blades breaking while cutting.

M35 blade: This HSS-E blade has the addition of 5% cobalt added to its alloy mix. As a result, the cobalt improves the blade’s heat hardness resistance as well as its wear resistance. This leads to increased cutting speed as well as longer blade lifespan.

In addition to specific benefits for cold saw blades, molybdenum alloy steel has several general properties that make it perfect for cutting equipment. Specifically, it also increases the corrosion resistance of steel. This serves to decrease the chance of pitting, meaning less damage to the blade over its lifespan.

Overall, molybdenum serves as an essential part in the alloy mix of a cold saw. That’s why Our Store stocks blades with high molybdenum content, a guarantee of its high quality!

Wood Bandsaw Blades

What are Wood Bandsaw Blades

Cutting wood may seem like a simple enough task for most people. After all, most of us have probably done it at some point even during high school. But to cut wood to particular specifications, requires certain equipment.

In particular, bandsaw blades designed to cut wood are essential, especially if you’re looking for more precise cuts. SawBlade is here to guide you towards the best decisions when it comes to how you’re going to cut wood.

Considerations When Cutting Wood

When it comes to cutting wood, one of the most important decisions to make is the teeth pattern on the blades. That is, the shape of the teeth. The three most common shapes are regular, hook and skip.

Regular teeth are evenly spaced and have deep gullets. They are commonly used for general purpose cutting such as cutoffs in thin materials.

Hook teeth are larger and widely spaced with deep gullets. They are useful for faster and more coarse cuts.

Skip teeth are widely spaced with shallow gullets. Due to the sharp angle, these blades are useful when clogging may be a problem as chips fall off the teeth more easily.

2 Types of Wood Bandsaw Blades

Depending on the situation, there are several types of bandsaw blade one can use in order to cut wood. However, two of the most common blades are the carbon flexback blade and carbon thin gauge blade. Both are perfect for general purpose and precise cuts.

Carbon flexback blades are forged with carbon-rich steel and specially welded to produce a strong yet flexible piece of cutting equipment. This versatility makes them perfect for high speed cuts as well as applications such as contour cutting.

Carbon thin gauge blades are manufactured using high-quality carbon to fit smaller machines. This makes them useful for cases where the material produces smaller amounts of chip. Their smaller size also means they’re less susceptible to premature breakage, hence making them a great blade to use when making precise cuts.

So then, we hope you’ve gotten a better idea of how to choose the right blade when cutting wood. Now make sure to visit Our Store and see how we can help you get a better cutting experience.


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