DeWalt Bandsaw Blades

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Do you use a portable Bandsaw Blade for your job or project? 

Is it hard finding the right type of blade for your portable DeWalt Bandsaw? 

We recognise that our customers aren’t always in one spot when it comes to cutting for your job or project, which is why a portable bandsaw blade is used. This machine can be taken anywhere on the go with you, but the only problem is that the correct type of blade can be hard to find – unless you come to us at

Custom Made DeWalt Bandsaw Blades

When using a portable bandsaw, the blade you will need for optimum results is a bi-metal bandsaw blade that has a higher TPI. The reason a higher TPI is required is so it can cut through the different types of materials you may need to use it for.

Recommended Materials

If getting a custom made Bi-Metal M42 blade from us it is generally used for lighter cuts, and we recommend it is used for:

  • Soft Wood
  • Various softer metals
  • On-the-go projects

If you have heavy-duty projects to do, then we recommend using the Bi-Metal M51 DeWalt Bandsaw Blade. This blade has a higher tier and is used to cutting heavier materials, including:

  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Structural steel

Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blades

Aside from what they can cut, DeWalt Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blades are used because they are made out of a dual material – steel and cobalt. This is layered together to provide a strong and flexible blade that is used by a lot of contractors.

Why Buy From DeWalt Bandsaw Blades from Us?

You’re probably wondering why we sell DeWalt bandsaw blades? The answer is simple, customer demand. A lot of people buy their blades from hardware stores but are unable to get the blades they need. The manufacturers only have minimal quality items because they specialise in machines. Our customers come to us for the solution, custom made bandsaw blades.

Order from Saw Blade

When ordering your Dewalt Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blade, we have a minimum quantity order of 2 blades. Once you place an order, we send them within 24 hours, and they will arrive within a couple of days.