Bandsaw Blades For Butchery Meat and Bone

Butchery Meat and Bone Bandsaw Blades

Australians are one of the largest consumers of meat every year. Not only that, but a large part of our economy and agriculture industry is reliant on the tonnes of meat being exported across the globe annually.  This means, bandsaw blades are seeing constant use to cut through butchery meat and bone.

Our company prides itself on providing the meat industry with the best products available to cut through the variety of meats they see daily. Unlike most suppliers that provide the standard stainless steel option, our blades are made using high-polished carbon steel.

Using materials produced in the UK and special welding and heat treatment done in Australia, we provide custom blades to suit meat products both fresh and frozen. This includes red meat, as well as both fish and poultry.


Why our Blades are Perfect for Butchery Meat and Bone

In the meat industry, it isn’t unusual to often have to go through upwards of 30 blades a week. This is even with anti-rusting stainless steel. That’s why our high-polished carbon steel blades are far more cost effective, making it the perfect choice for cutting meat. Other benefits of our blades include:

More efficient cuts

Butchers can cut through both meat and bone more efficiently thanks to carbon steel. One of our customers described it as a “sharper and smoother cut”.  More smooth cuts also means less wastage and better quality meat.

Tailor-made to specifications

Our company prides itself on being able to provide tailor-made blades depending on the teeth per inch. Our special high-frequency shaping and quenching processes make it great for use in meat work.

Subscription model

Our company provides a monthly subscription service where specific quantities and models of blades are able to be ordered and delivered. This makes it perfect for bandsaw blades which are frequently replaced.


So then, are you a meat worker looking for new bandsaw blades?  Then view our meat and fish blades Delivery is available all across Australia within 2-4 business days.