Bandsaw Blade Twists While Cutting

4 Reasons Why Your Bandsaw Blade Twists While Cutting

One of the common problems that our customers come to us with is that their bandsaw blade twists while their cutting. While at the time it may seem frustrating, especially in the middle of a task, the fix is usually simple. We have explored 4 of these reasons so you can quickly fix the problem should it happen to you.

A bandsaw blade generally twists while cutting because the blade suddenly changes direction while cutting. These are usually caused by the following:

1. Blade is Dull

Like a knife that is no longer sharp, you have to work harder to get it to cut. This is the same for a bandsaw machine, and it’s blade, except in this circumstance the blade twists left or right and causes a crooked cut. The simple solution in this circumstance is the replace the bandsaw blade with a new one.

2. Wrong Blade Width

Another common issue is that the wrong blade width is being used for the chosen material. This can be avoided by getting to know your machine and its requirement and seeking the assistance of the professional team at Saw Blade. It is likely that you either need a narrower or wider blade that is right for the material you are cutting.

3. Wrong Tension

When your blade is under the wrong tension, your bandsaw blade may twist while cutting. This is one of the most straightforward issues to solve because all that is needed is the tension amended.

4. Blade is wrongly installed

It may seem impossible, but your blade could be twisting because the blade teeth are pointed in the wrong direction. Double-check that your blades are correctly installed and amend if required.

These are just four reasons why your bandsaw blade twists while cutting, you can also check blade guide alignment or see if the blade is running in the right direction. We recommend if you are unsure to contact the team at Saw Blade for assistance or to purchase your new bandsaw blade.


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