Tipped Circular Saw Blades For Sale

circular saw blades

There are many varieties of tipped circular saw blades for sale in the market currently. Blades tipped with carbide, diamond, and tungsten are the most widely used blades. Choosing the right blade is pivotal to quality work, and this article will guide you through the process of learning about these state-of-the-art blades. 

Few features of quality tipped circular saw blades manufactured at Sawblade.com.au are:

  • The quality of steel used for manufacturing the blade is the most important aspect. A quality manufactured blade should hold it’s tension to keep the blade in a straight line while performing the cut. 
  • The tip of the blade is produced by ultra micro-grain tip technique. Its these quality tips that keep the cutting edge sharper for longer. 


Types Of Tipped Circular Blades 

Diamond Tipped Blades

Diamond blades cut dense, hard materials that are too tough for wood and metal saw blades. But, they are not all created equal. Just as there are different wood saw blades for soft or hardwood, diamond blades come designed for a range of uses.

For any blade to cut through the material, it must be made from a substance that is harder than material to be cut. Diamonds are one of the strongest natural substances known to exist on earth.

Tungsten Tipped Blades

Tungsten tipped blades are produced by binding hard carbide particles with metallic binders and the quality, binders, and particle size used all play a role in the final cutting tip performance of a blade. Some carbide grades are far more suitable than others to machine different materials, for instance, composite materials.

Carbide-Tipped Blades

Carbide tipped saw blades are used by woodworkers and craftsmen for precision cuts for projects that require minimal to no tear-out, such as cabinet making or furniture building. Circular carbide tip blades are generally used with miter and table saws.