Plastic Cutting Bandsaw Blades For Sale

Plastic cutting bandsaw blades

Plastic cutting bandsaw blades differ from metal cutting blades on numerous parameters. Even though plastics are far softer than traditional metals, they can be very challenging to cut without the right blade and set-up. Even professionals face adversities when working with engineering plastics.

Quite evidently, similar cutting techniques as metal can not be useful for cutting plastics because of the inherent differences between traditional metals and plastics. There are a few basic considerations to be kept in mind when selecting a bandsaw blade for cutting plastics.

Cutting Plastics: As Challenging As Cutting Metal, If Not More

Plastic’s non-conductive nature slows down the dissipation of heat around the blade while cutting. This leads to localised melting of the plastic. It could also be a reason for wandering cuts because of the production of excessive frictional heat.

To overcome the issue of localised melting, special care must be given to balancing the feed rate with cutting speed of the blade. Bandsaw blades which are coarser than the ones used for cutting metal must be used for cutting plastic. Cleaning the cutting area is also important in reducing heat build-up. brings to you Carbon Flexback Bandsaw blades, intricately designed to meet all your plastic cutting needs. Our high-quality blades last longer and yield superior results.

Specially Made For Cutting Plastic

The Flexback Carbon Bandsaw blade manufactured at is exclusively developed with a high carbon steel strip with unique characteristics and metallurgical properties. The steel enables superior cutting performance, improved fatigue resistance and tougher, harder teeth.

Our bandsaw blades are developed to be used in multiple applications for cutting plastic. Different type of blade can be used for each particular application, for example, CNC/contour for profile cutting. Narrow blades can be more useful for general purpose processing. However, wider blades are better suited for peeling and splitting.

Full Range Of Plastic Cutting Bandsaw Blades Available

Blades manufactured at are renowned for producing superior cutting performance. Not only our blades suit a wide range of applications, but they are also long-lasting and demonstrate high wear resistance. We have blades available in a range of widths and teeth per inch covering all plastic cutting applications you may have.

Get in touch with us and we would be delighted to assist you with finding a bandsaw blade best suited to your requirements.