Horizontal Bandsaw Blades for Sale

Horizontal Bandsaw Blades

Horizontal Bandsaw Blades for Sale!!!

Bandsaw Blades are a staple of any lumber Mill or metal cutting workshop. These versatile blades come in different sizes, teeth and material options.

These bandsaw blades feature teeth on one side and a smooth opposite side. The size of the blade is measured from side to side. DIfferent blades sizes have different features and advantages. TPI or teeth per inch is the distance from the tip of one teeth to the tip of the adjacent teeth. Larger the TPI, faster the cut.

Design and Build

Design and build of Horizontal Bandsaw Blades make it usable in different formations. Bandsaws blades are normally available in the vertical or horizontal formation with each formation being used for specific tasks for different materials such as metal, wood, plastic, and meat.

The horizontal bandsaw blades are generally used for cutting wood and piping down the length. Horizontal bandsaw blades are good for maintaining a stable workstation while the blade swings through the cut.

Although, unlike vertical bandsaw blades, horizontal bandsaw blades limited and are not used for cutting curves and complicated shapes.

Regular tooth bandsaw blades have proportionally spaced out teeth, on the other hand, skip tooth blades have teeth spaced further than the regular tooth bandsaw blades and have a rake angle of 0 degrees. This blade is useful for cutting softer materials such as plastic, softwood, and non-ferrous materials.

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