5 Killer Ways to Purchase Steel Bandsaw Blades online

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Steel Bandsaw Blades

  1. Over 3000 blades sent out every day from our Melbourne factory, The most important factors to be considered when making a steel bandsaw blade purchase online is the time of delivery and the blade quality.

2. Purchase Direct and save up to 30% Steel bandsaw blades are manufactured using the most cutting-edge technology with the best quality materials that are sourced in Europe and cut to your specifications.

There are many different types of steel make sure you know the correct hardness of your application before purchasing

3. That’s all we do! Dedicated Bandsaw Blade Support: Get in touch with our representative and we will take you through the process of identifying the right type of steel Bandsaw blade for your needs. 

You can phone us on 03 9005 7931 or talk to us Online

4. Steel Bandsaw Blade Subscription: A Bandsaw Blade which is heavy on the metal and light on the pocket is the best way to go.

All Metal Bandsaw blades come with an option to automatically repeat the order per your desired schedule to ensure stock levels are maintained.

5. The TPI does not change the price: If you after our common Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blades or the Carbon Flexback simply choose the length you require, the price will not be affected by changing the Teeth Per Inch settings.


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