FRP Series Hole Saws For Sale

FRP series hole saws

The FRP series hole saw is a medium-duty hole saw for fibre-reinforced plastic for diameters from 17 to 127 mm with a drilling depth of up to 45 mm. The FRP series hole saws have many applications including but not limited to drilling acrylics, timber, block board, chipboard, different types of composites, and also PVC pipe. It can even be used to drill facade panels of metal and artificial marble.

FRP series hole saws come with an easy quick-change system. You only have to lift the release for the shank, push the shank down on the hole saw, and twist it to engage with the quick-release mechanism. The system is simple and at the same time versatile: select the hole saw size you need, plus the shank and starter drill bit that is best for the job, and your hole saw is complete.

Applications of FRP Series Hole Saws 

  • Specially designed for wood, plain, laminated and coated chipboard, plywood, paper-based laminate, PVC, glass fibre reinforced plastic, gas concrete, plasterboard, hollow gauged brick/stones. 
  • No blocking due to optimal cutting geometry.
  • Simple drill core removal based on new chip space design.
  • In the event of a tooth breaking, it can easily be replaced and resharpened. 
  • Only use when rotating, switch off hammer action.
  • Ideal for electricians, plumbers and heating engineers, carpenters and cabinet makers, stair construction, and kitchen furniture fitters.


Speed Chart For FRP Series Hole Saws

frp series hole saws speed chartDelivering All Across Australia

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