What Is A Portable Horizontal Bandsaw?

If you’ve been wondering what a portable horizontal bandsaw is, you’ve come to the right place. A portable horizontal bandsaw is a hand-held power tool used to cut through fixed objects. Since they’re portable it makes them a fantastic time saver and the perfect tool for on the go. This is makes the portable bandsaw different to a traditional bandsaw.

Although they can be heavy, the key to successfully using a portable bandsaw is to let the weight of the saw do the brunt of the work. The bandsaw keeps the material you are cutting stationary by swinging the blade through the material and creating precise cuts. A tool such as this can provide fine, intricate or rough cuts depending on your needs. 

Here at SawBlade we offer Excision’s PHM105. Made in Italy and imported to Australia this hard-working and dependable power tool is ideal for those that are traveling from site to site, are looking for an affordable alternative or are just looking for a more temporary solution. It can cut through up to 105mm, includes a tensioning wheel, a 2 speed switch and an adjustable guiding system. And, with the right blade this tough machine can cut through anything from conduits, to steel, screws, and even concrete. 

Portable bandsaws deserve a home in every workplace because of their ability to handle larger materials. They’re ideal for those who need to perform conventional and customised cutting. Both fixed bandsaws and portable bandsaws are limited by the width and depth of the throat. This limitation is called cutting capacity and it limits the size of material that can be cut. Despite the similarities between the two they are not interchangeable. So, it’s important to know and understand these differences so you can make an informed choice. 

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