What Are Cold Saw Blades?

We’re here today to answer the age old question: what are cold saw blades? You’ve likely asked yourself this question before. Especially if you’re new to the metal cutting industry.

They are circular metal cutting saw blades that come in two different types. The first being high speed steel (solid HSS), and the second is a tungsten carbide tip (also known as TCT).

They are used to cut metal using a slow rotational speed. The blades are driven by a high powered motor. They cut around 5000 surface feet per minute. 

But, why are they called cold saw blades? They’re named that due to the fact that they transfer all of the energy and heat created during the cutting process to the chip. This enables the blade and the work to remain cold. 

These are the ideal choice for cutting steel, and when purchasing it’s good to search for ones that tungsten material. Tungsten steel is the most durable material. 

One of the biggest pros of using cold saw blades is that they can be sharpened many times before they need to be discarded. You can sharpen them up to 10-15 times before they begin to wear down. This means they’re durable and have a long blade life. 

TIP: Less teeth = faster cutting speed

       More teeth = smoother finish, slower cutting speed. 

You can use these blades for a number of different things. For example, round or square tubes and pipes, solid metals, angle iron, extrusions and even forgings.

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