What are Bandsaw Blade Guides?

Bandsaw Blade Guides

Ever wonder how machine blades are able to produce such precise cuts compared to human operated ones?

It’s thanks to bandsaw blade guides that the output you get from cutting continues to be so consistent. These components usually come with your machines so when you buy one of our SawBlade products, make sure to adjust them to fit the blade that you’re using.

How do Blade Guides Work?

Blade guides are bearings which usually sit on top of, below and to the side of the machine blades. In doing so, they help to keep the blade in place whilst it’s moving, reducing vibrations and keeping it on track while cutting.

They are often made out of high-quality carbides or ceramics and are usually needed on metal cutting machines. This is not only due to producing more precise cuts, but also helping with cooling by reducing friction.

That’s why one of the most important things to do when using bandsaws is to constantly check your guides for wear. Operators need to be aware as to whether the guides are properly adjusted or are just naturally wearing down.

Improper adjustments can lead to quicker degradation of the guides. This in turn leads to a harder time when adjusting the blade. The result is that cutting may become more difficult, resulting in more debris.

As a result, the blade is increasingly strained, causing quicker dulling and possibly the blade breaking prematurely.

These factors are why we at SawBlade recommend checking your guides before and after operating your bandsaws. After all, it never pays to be too cautious when it comes to working with machine blades.

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