How To Know When My Blade Is Dull?

It’s really something that takes a little time to get a feel for. At some point, you will realize you have to push much harder than you used to for something as simple as a ripping operation.

You will also notice more burning on woods that didn’t burn before. In addition, you should notice more tearout on your cuts. If you don’t notice any of these changes, or they just aren’t that severe yet, then the blade is still sharp. The first time you notice these things, clean the blade. After 2-3 cleanings it’s time for a resharpening.

Are more teeth better?

Generally, the higher the amount of saw blade teeth, the better the quality of cut and finishing. If you’re looking for a faster and rougher cut, then a blade with fewer teeth will be more suitable.

For example, if you are cutting aluminium or a high quality finish when cutting laminate, you will want a higher number of teeth compared to blades for soft wood.

When blades have fewer teeth, they have deeper gullets (space in between teeth) which creates a more aggressive chiselling action.


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