Timber and Lumber Bandsaw Blades

Timber and Lumber Bandsaw Blades

At sawblade.com.au, no project is too challenging for our timber and lumber bandsaw blades. Our consistently high standard of service is why our customers continue to return to us. What makes us a unique service is that we make your timber bandsaw blade perform like a champion by custom sizing to your specifications. As your only choice for custom made Bandsaw Blades, so read ahead to understand how we continue to provide quality products.

Quality and Experienced in Timber Bandsaw Blades

Our staff have many combined years of experience, and their knowledge means they are well versed in all our timber blades. Our team only believe in sourcing the very best steel from around the globe. We believe in only giving our customers the very best quality every time.

Attention to Detail

The closest attention to detail is given by our team when it comes to our premium Bi-Metal Ripper Blades and Carbon Ripper Blades for woodworking. When each product leaves our premise we ensure that your getting products with superior cutting performance with every weld being 100% guaranteed. 

Flexibility and Precision

Our Carbon Steel and Bi-Metal blades have the flexibility and precision that timber and lumber of various thicknesses requires. They cut fast and seamlessly and deliver some of the straightest cuts. When our customers order their blades, they can do so at different lengths, thicknesses and configurations. This is to ensure they work seamlessly with your bandsaw machine.

Ordering is Easy

If you need to cut timber, steel, or meat, ordering from us is a simple process. It doesn’t matter what part of Australia you live in we can get our blades to you. Simply record your measurements in our build your blade form which takes you through 5 easy steps. Want a quote? You can request a quote during business hours. We offer a quick 24-hour turnaround and your items are delivered within a couple of days.