The 3 Benefits of A Horizontal Bandsaw


If you’ve been wondering whether you should buy a vertical bandsaw or a horizontal bandsaw for your business here’s 3 benefits of a horizontal bandsaw to consider. They can be sometimes referred to as a general purpose horizontal saw, or less commonly, a pivot purpose saw.

The main difference between a horizontal bandsaw and a vertical bandsaw is the cutting angle. Vertical bandsaws are more common, have smaller parts and can be easily controlled. Despite all of that, they can be limited in ability. For example, a vertical bandsaw is more suited to cutting through wooden materials. A horizontal bandsaw can cut through many materials in many different ways. Angled cuts, cross cuts or even scissor cuts.

Horizontal bandsaws can come in both a fixed machine and a portable tool. The portable is lightweight tool and is a great addition for those who are jumping from workplace to workplace with the ability to cut through a range of materials. Whether you require a fixed or a portable, it all depends on your needs and budget.

Features Upon Features
If, for example, you were to purchase the Excision 180 PGM that we stock here at SawBlade you won’t be disappointed with its array of features. With Up to 60° mitre cutting, in-built coolant system, quick lock vice, digital display, stand, cast iron saw frame, blade guides, emergency stop, automatic down switch, in feed roller and a mechanical blade tension microswitch. We also guarantee a 12 month warranty. 

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