TCT Wood Bandsaw Blades

The TCT wood bandsaw blades are known for their deep ripping and ultra fine sawing technique, but what else do you need to know?

What Is A TCT Blade Used For?

The TCT bandsaw blade is great for cutting wood because of the specifically designed teeth, that both rip and finely saw. It allows you to craft the finest veneers with ease. The C4 Carbide Tips are  extremely durable. Application areas include hardwoods, exotics, timbers, and tough wood materials.

They are the ultimate high-performance Ripping & Resawing Tungsten-tipped blade.

What Is A TCT Blade And What Does TCT Mean?

TCT stands for Tungsten Carbide Tipped. It can often also be abbreviated as TC. Tungsten Carbide is one of the hardest quality materials for bandsaw blades and is great value for money.

What Does It Feature?

While there are several models of the blade, but across the board features include:

  • The teeth on the blades are hardened. This creates heat resistance, which increases blade life and strength
  • A unique heat line placed on the rear of the blade. This helps the blade from buckling . And, it gives you a straighter cut
  • The tooth is shaped with a chip breaker. Which removes waste more efficiently, reduces heat build up, and improves cutting performance
  • An increased hook angle means it cuts more aggressively. Despite this, it still leaves a smooth finish, making the cuts faster and easy to control
  • Thin gauge (kerf) — Just like thin kerf circular saw blades, it takes less power to drive with less waste
  • An increased tooth set that makes the blade more versatile with a wider range of woods
  • Butt welded

Here at our TCT wood bandsaw blades are made from quality ingredients imported from Europe and manufactured here in Victoria, Australia. The blades are custom made to order, cut to your machine specifications.