Steel Cutting Bandsaw Blades

Choosing the best stainless steel cutting bandsaw blades for your project is essential to get the best possible performance and endurance out of it. To avoid damaging your machine or your material and to keep the cuts nice and smooth, our first choice for recommendation in the steel cutting blade category at is the Bi-Metal 51.

Stainless Steel Thickness

The thickness of the steel is one of the deciding factors when it comes to choosing the best steel cutting blade. Stainless steel is a very hard steel to cut through. Therefore, for a smoother finish, the ideal blade to cut steel is Bi-Metal 51 and it is recommended for other hard materials. also.

One-Off or Regular Use

If you plan to cut steel on a daily basis, then go for the Bi-Metal 51. However, if you plan on using it as a one-off experience, a lower-tier blade like Bi-Metal 42 is a more cost-effective choice.

What is the HRC Rating of our Steel Cutting Bandsaw Blades?

The steel cutting blades at can cut through the hardest of stainless steel materials with a hardness rating up to 50 HRC.

What Does our Steel Cutting Bandsaw Blade Cut?

Our Steel Cutting Blades can cut anything from stainless steel bars, plates, tubes, profiles, and knife handles.

Can our Steel Cutting Bandsaw Blades Cut Corners, Shapes and Curves?

Certainly, bi-Metal 51 is a flexible blade that can smoothly cut corners, shapes and curves. However, this depends on the width of the blade; a smaller width blade can easily cut corners.

If you want more information on our Steel Cutting Bandsaw Blades you can request a quote or use our Build Your Blade Website Form. You can also send an email or call us on (03) 9005 7931 to speak to one of our representatives directly.