SawBlades that Cut Meat

SawBlades that Cut Meat

As an Australian owned business, at we believe in only providing the best SawBlades that cut meat for butchers and other meat specialists. Made out of the highest quality stainless steel we custom make your blades in our Melbourne factory.

Our Superior SawBlades that cut meat and fish are made to your specifications, so you get the perfect fit for your machine. They are precise and hard-toothed that enables maximum penetration, so there is less wastage of meat products.

Precision Cutting SawBlades

Our Precision cutting SawBlade are perfect for cutting:
Carcass splitting;
And, Frozen fish and meat.

Benefits of Using SawBlades That Cut Meat

There are many advantages of using one of our SawBlades for cutting meat. Apart from the quality, you come to expect from us here at Saw Blade, the benefits also include:

Superior Yield

Our Sawblades reduce product waste which saves businesses a lot of money each year.

Safe to Use for Food
There is no concern for food safety with our blades. We only use food-grade oil on our SawBlades, which means they are safe to use immediately. These are manufactured explicitly for food handling that remains rust-free and in turn safe for as long as you need to use them.

Cuts Through Bone
As a food-grade blade, it has the strength to cut through bone easily, which means sawing through carcasses and fish has never been easier.

What Next?

Ready to purchase a food-grade SawBlade? Not sure where to begin? Explore our website, request a quote, use our Build your Blade Wizard or call our support number on 03 9005 7931