Purchase Metal Bandsaw Blades

Purchase Metal Bandsaw Blades

If you’re looking to purchase metal bandsaw blades, you’ve come to the right place. Metal bandsaw blades can come in all shapes and sizes. And, it can often be difficult to choose the correct blade for your needs.

Some different types metal bandsaw blades include:

There are various types of metals inside the blade itself. Such as, tungsten steel, carbide deposits, M42 steel and spring steel. 

So, how do I know which metal bandsaw blades to purchase? This will depend on the size and type of material. Certain types of metals cut certain types of materials, depending on the hardness level. This means, when choosing your blade it’s important to take into account what you’ll be cutting and what your machine can withstand.

For example, Bi-Metal M42 can only cut up 44HRC. Anything higher requires a different blade level, such as the Bi-Metal M51. Also known as the Bi-Metal Extreme. This blade can cut up to 55HRC. 

TIP: The width of the blade needs to be adjusted depending on the thickness of the material.

Here’s some helpful resources on TPI and how to decide which bandsaw blades are for you.


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