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Bandsaw Blades Australia

Whether you’re from Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Alice Springs, around the corner, or right next door. This is your chance to order customised bandsaw blades in Australia, from the comfort of your own home!

Our main focus is on all things blades. Bandsaw blades, cold saw blades, circular blades, hacksaw blades, handsaw blades and bandsaw ripper blades. But, we also offer machinery and accessories, such as coolant. We have a wide range, and our catalogue grows everyday. There’s something for everyone. 

Convenience is the #1 reason why you should purchase online. But, not only does ordering custom blades online save time and energy, it’s accessible, and more cost effective. It means you can just jump on sawblade.com.au, or pick up the phone and place an order with one of our dedicated customer service representatives. 

With the handy assistance of Toll, the company normally manufactures the blade to your specifications within 24 hours.

Ordering a customised blade takes the risk out of accidentally ordering the wrong type. We take into account your machines specifications, the material you’re cutting, the length, width, depth, etc. to get the perfect fit. We give you exactly what your machine needs. 

This means you get the perfect blade every time. We allow you to purchase your bandsaw blades direct from the manufacturer with quality steel imported from Europe.


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