Molybdenum Content of Cold Saw Blades

Molybdenum in Blades

Using molybdenum in blade manufacturing can provide great benefits for the finished product. This is especially true for those working in the metal cutting industry. By combining the right amounts and combination of alloys, the properties of tool steel can dramatically be improved. In particular, the molybdenum content of cold saw blades is especially important to improving the strength of the cutting equipment.

Using Molybdenum in Cold Saw Blades

The molybdenum content of cold saw blades is particularly important to its overall resistances. Moreover, the metal is also seen as an alternative to tungsten due its price as well as lower density. In particular, high molybdenum content is common for high speed steel blades alongside tungsten and chromium. The two types of high speed steel(HSS) blade use molybdenum as one of its main alloys.

M2 blade: This is the industrial standard for most high speed steels. It has high wear resistance along with high toughness and hardness, making it beneficial for cutting a variety of differently shaped materials. Furthermore, the added strength gained from the molybdenum alloy also improves the steel’s stability, decreasing the chance of blades breaking while cutting.

M35 blade: This HSS-E blade has the addition of 5% cobalt added to its alloy mix. As a result, the cobalt improves the blade’s heat hardness resistance as well as its wear resistance. This leads to increased cutting speed as well as longer blade lifespan.

In addition to specific benefits for cold saw blades, molybdenum alloy steel has several general properties that make it perfect for cutting equipment. Specifically, it also increases the corrosion resistance of steel. This serves to decrease the chance of pitting, meaning less damage to the blade over its lifespan.

Overall, molybdenum serves as an essential part in the alloy mix of a cold saw. That’s why Our Store stocks blades with high molybdenum content, a guarantee of its high quality!


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