Long Lasting Cold Saw Blades

Long Lasting Cold Saw Blades

Cutting metal is an operation that gradually wears down the blade used. That is the nature of metals coming into contact with each other abrasively. As such, the importance of long lasting cold saw blades can’t be overstated if you are in the metal working industry.

Lifespan of the Cold Saw Blade

On average, cold saw blades last for around six months of constant use. This can typically be translated to being able to complete around 800 to 1000 cuts before wearing out completely. Also, over this period, they can be sharpened around 30 to 40 times.

This lifespan can be attributed to the blade being made out of either high-speed steel(HSS) or tungsten-carbide tips(TCT). Both materials are able to produce hardness in the blades and thus, give them increased resistance to wear. HSS blades, with their high tungsten and molybdenum content, naturally have high abrasion and wear resistance. TCT blades are forged with a compound that is approximately twice the stiffness and density of steel. This gives it a superior hardness and ability to withstand higher temperatures.

Sharpening Cold Saw Blades

Both HSS and TCT blades have the ability to be resharpened when they grow dull. However, there are some factors to consider before sharpening the blade:

1. Is there frequent tearing when cutting?
2. Is there an excessive amount of chipping?
3. Are there any damaged or blunt teeth?
4. Is the blade no longer able to follow the cutting line?

So there you have it. Here are some of the reasons why cold saw blades are so long lasting. If you’re ever interested in purchasing one, why not visit Our Store where we stock a variety of cold saw blades that can be customised to your specifications.