Learn About How to Replace a Bandsaw Blade

How to Replace A Bandsaw Blade

As with all cutting equipment, bandsaw blades are destined to eventually wear down and become unsuitable for use. That’s why constant maintenance is an important part of operating machine blades. So where can one learn about how to replace a bandsaw blade? Here at SawBlade, we can direct you on how to send in your blades for replacement as well as tips when installing them into your machines.

Where to Replace A Bandsaw Blade

If you’ve ever been a customer of SawBlade and need to replace a bandsaw blade, don’t fret. The process is actually quite easy. Simply contact one of how customer service lines to discuss the issues that you might be having. Then, pack the original blade in a box with a label containing your name, order number and contact details. Send it off to our offices and we’ll send back a replacement ASAP. It’s as simple as that. Also, if the original blade was broken or the fault is on our end, don’t worry. Just contact us and we’ll send another blade as a replacement.

Before considering a replacement, however, make sure to check your machine for malfunctions as it is this factor that is the most common cause for blade errors.

Tips When Replacing Your Blade

Now that you’ve read about where you can learn about how to replace your bandsaw blade, how do you fit the new blade into your machine? SawBlade also has some tips for you. When installing a new blade:

  1. Clean the wheels
  2. Put on new blade
  3. Tension the blade
  4. Centre blade on wheel
  5. Adjust guide blocks and bearings

So then, if you’re ever looking to replace a blade or are unsure about whether you need to do so, you can contact our team through the Live Chat or
Call Us at: 03 9005 7931