HSS Cobalt Friction Coldsaw Blades

Sawblade.com.au manufactures an extensive range of coldsaw blades for many types of applications ranging from tube welding, hollow and structural section rolling mills, parting gratings, and fender walls. Using the best Coldsaw Blades is key to improving the cut quality and increasing your production.

HSS Cobalt Friction ColdSaw Blades

HSS Cobalt Friction Coldsaw Blades

With extremely high performances, HSS Cobalt Friction Coldsaw Blades are perfect for machining mild and structural steels, aluminium, alloys, copper and brass. The blades are made of higher quality material and are additionally alloyed with cobalt. The toughness of the blades makes it an ideal choice for many applications and guarantees a very long service life.

Though coldsaws blades cut material at higher rotational speeds, the heat generated during the sawing process is transferred to the chips, allowing both the blade and the cuts to remain cool; hence the name coldsaw blades.

Circular blades to cut hollow sections

Circular blades are perfect to cut hollow sections on steel tubes and pipes, small angles, rods, conduits, extrusions and channels. The coldsaw blades from sawblade.com.au are precision machined and fit with teeth to provide efficient cutting that delivers high-quality cuts with smooth edges. Using a circular coldsaw blade has the advantage of producing fewer sparks and dust.

Circular blades to cut structural steel

Cobalt friction coldsaw blades are great metal cutting tools to cut structural steel sections and steel tubes. The cobalt coating on the HSS blades helps to prevent both tooth damage and wear of the blades. HSS Cobalt Friction Coldsaw Blades are primarily used to cut structural steel because they cut faster and with better finishes. Cutting structural steel is a high-volume high-production application and that is why you would require a circular blade to cut structural steel.

What are the uses of cobalt in High Speed Steel?

We generate a large amount of heat, when we cut stainless steels and materials with high mechanical resistance. Cobalt is valued for its wear resistance and ability to retain its strength at high temperatures. So, when we add Cobalt to High Speed Steel, it changes its properties by increasing the binding strength in the steel. Moreover, Cobalt contributes to the blades excellent cutting adhesion, outstanding flexibility, resistance to corrosion, high strength, hardness and longer life.

Metal Cutting HSS Cobalt Friction Coldsaw Blades

We use high-quality steel to make our metal cutting friction coldsaw blades to improve durability and hardness. We sharpen our blades to achieve high tolerances and a super fine finish and to achieve maximum cutting life between sharpening. Besides, our blades do not lose their sharp edge easily and are resistant to wear, tear and cracking.

HSS Cobalt Friction Coldsaw Blades have a combination of unique properties like high strength, wear resistance, toughness and hardness. If you need more information on our Coldsaw Blades, visit sawblade.com.au and request a quote. Additionally, we have a Build Your Blade Website Form for your perusal. You can also send an email or call us on (03) 9005 7931 to speak to one of our representatives directly.


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