How to Fit a Bandsaw Blade

Depending on what you’re cutting, you’ll need to use different sizes of bandsaw blades and to do this you will need to be able to change the blade and adjust the saw to ensure straight and true cutting.

Safety is first, so before making any change to your bandsaw blade, disconnect the unit from the power.

Next step is to open up the cabinets so the bandsaw and tyre mechanism is visible. It is best to remove any debris and sawdust to make the process of changing the blade easier.

Loosen the tension on the saw blade by turning the tension knob until the balde is nice and loose. Next, you need to adjust the bandsaw blade guard, raising it to the highest position, and tightening the knob to keep it in place.

Now, remove the rear blade guard by removing the screws that hold it in place.

The next step to changing your bandsaw blade is to adjust the under-table guard, moving it 180 degrees so it is not in the way. You may need to take off the plastic centre of the table to access the screw holding the guard in place.

Now it’s time to remove the bandsaw blade. Pull the saw blade off the tracking tyres and through the saw table slot. To store the bandsaw blade it is recommended to fold it in thirds and tie together.

The new blade can now be put on, sliding the blade through the table slot, and moving into position around the top and bottom tyres. To hold the blade, tighten the tension knob ensuring you don’t overtighten especially if the size difference of the bandsaw blades is significant.

Once the bandsaw blade is in place, it’s time to adjust tracking and tension so the blade maintains a true and straight cut. First up, loosen the rollers and guide blocks, usually two sets – one above the table in the sliding blade guard, the other underneath the table.

Now, ensure that the bandsaw blade is moving and tracking over the middle of the tyre then slowly tighten the tension knob. While doing this, move the top bandsaw wheel and ensure the blade remains in the centre of the tyre.

If there are any tracking issues and the blade does not stay centred you will need to turn the tracking knob as you turn the bandsaw wheel. The adjustments here need to be slight as the effect on the bandsaw blade can be significant with very small changes.

Next step is to adjust the tension for the bandsaw blade thickness you are using. There will be a gauge on the back of the upper cabinet – you need to set the tension, with the gauge providing indicators for different bandsaw blades.