High Wear Resistance Cold Saw Blades

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High Wear Resistance Cold Saw Blades

Cold saw blades are usually used whenever someone needs to cut metal. This is due to their ability to sustain prolonged use, a result of their capacity to dissipate heat. As such, cold saw blades naturally have high wear resistance but sharpening is a necessity that no cutting equipment can escape.

Strengths of the Cold Saw Blade

Cold Saw blades are usually forged out of one of two materials. Either high-speed steel(HSS) or tungsten-carbide tips(TCT) are used when making the blade. HSS blades are forged using a process that increases their heat resistance without losing hardness. Furthermore, thanks to their high tungsten and molybdenum content, these blades naturally have high abrasion and wear resistance. On the other hand, TCT blades are forged to be very hard, meaning less stability but increasing their cutting efficiency. This places it on equal footing alongside HSS blades.

Sharpening Cold Saw Blades

Regardless of what metal was used to forge the blades, however, the main feature of cold saws is the design of their teeth. Cold saw blade teeth are shaped in such a way that allows for the chips accumulated during cutting to absorb excess heat, keep the blade and material cool. Moreover, both HSS and TCT blades have the ability to be resharpened when they grow dull. However, there are some factors to consider when sharpening a cold saw blade:

1. HSS blades are usually easier to sharpen than TCT blades due to the latter’s extreme hardness.
2. Consider the type of material to be cut as each requires varying degrees of sharpness.
3. Take into account the tooth thickness and hook angle. That is, to what extent does the blade touch the material needing to be cut.
4. Ensure every tooth is sharpened evenly or the blade will become unstable.

So there you have it. Here are some of the reasons why cold saw blades have such high wear resistance. If you’re ever interested in purchasing one, why not visit Our Store where we stock a variety of cold saw blades that can be customised to your specifications.