General Purpose Cold Saw Blades

General Purpose Coldsaw Blades

Cold saw blades make a great option for a general purpose circular saw blade. Not only because of their high wear resistance, heat resistance and durability. But, also because they are strong, can be resharpened and are incredibly versatile. 

Some materials that can be used cut with a cold saw blade include: mild steel, structural steel, brass, stainless steel, aluminium, alloys and copper. Just to name a few. 

At we offer Cold Saw Blades made from the highest quality steel imported from Italy. They are then cut to your specifications here in Australia. 

Cold saw blades cut metals with a slow rotational speed. During this process they transfer all of the energy and heat to the chip. This causes the work and blade to remain cold. 

When purchasing your cold saw blade, it’s important to take into account your required tooth pitch. Some things to consider include, the thickness of the material, the thickness of the blade, the project itself and the desired outcome and your machine. 

TIP: Less teeth = faster cutting speed

       More teeth = smoother finish, slower cutting speed. 

But, as with everything, it’s dependent on your project and machine. Just like people, every project is different.  Use this link to order your Coldsaw Blades Today!