Food Processing Bandsaw Blades

Food Processing Bandsaw Blades

If you are in the food or butchering industry, chances are you are looking for the right type of long-lasting food processing bandsaw blades to cut meat and fish easily and with as little waste as possible. The search is over because, at, we recommend our precision carbon steel processing blade that is top food-grade quality and our biggest seller for cutting meat and fish.

What’s Great About A Food Processing Bandsaw Blade

There is so much to love about this high-quality blade. We especially find our customers appreciate how our food-grade blades can do anything from carcass splitting, slicing through fresh and frozen meat, fish and poultry. What makes this bandsaw blades a suitable choice for cutting meat and fish are:

1. Safe for food handling

These blades are designed specifically for food and being made out of stainless steel will remain rust-free and safe for as long as you use them. 

2. Razor-sharp teeth

The sturdy blade has razor-sharp hook teeth which have a clean, precise cut. It has maximum penetration which is why it cuts through the meat so well.

3. Less Wastage

These custom food-grade bandsaw blades are known to produce less food wastage than other brands. It reduces waste so well because the tooth set has superior yield. Our customers have experienced this first hand which prompted a processing plant to recently shifted their business entirely over to our store. The custom made blades saved them a considerable amount of money because of less food waste.

4. Longevity

The stainless steel bandsaw blades do come at a higher price; however, they last for a longer time which makes them cost-effective. Customers that have used other types of blades before coming to us experienced breakage, rust and waste and found ours more cost-effective long-term.

5. Cuts through bone

All our food-grade blades cut through bone quite easily, which makes sawing through carcasses and fish a streamlined process.

6. Blade selection

The best way to choose the right blade is by determining what type of cut you want. If you want a course cut, then a bandsaw food-grade blade with fewer teeth is the right choice. For a smoother finish, more teeth will get you the cut you want.

Check out our range of food-grade blades that are custom made in Australia. Save time and money when buying our high-wear, stainless steel blades that are the only choice when working in the food industry.


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